Yolanda Foster Takes Steps Toward Lyme Disease Recovery


Since her diagnosis, Yolanda Foster has been working non-stop to find a cure for Lyme disease.

A recent breakthrough in Yolanda’s care points the finger at a leaking breast implant, and states that removing it could help with recovery.  Yolanda posted the information on Instagram stating,


Turn a mess into a message……. We might have hit the jackpot by finding all this silicone from a 20-year-old implant rupture through ultrasound mapping as shown in this selfie. Thank you Dr.Feng for holding my hand and leading the way #UncoveringTheMystery #ChronicLymeDisease #ExPlantSurgery @FengClinic #MyHealthJourney #DeterminedToFindACure

Hopefully this procedure is a step in the right direction for Yolanda – we’re thinking about you girl!

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