Wendy Williams Makes Teresa Giudice A “Hot Topic”; Sparks Twitter War With Sheila Giudice!

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It was an emotional day yesterday for the Giudice family as Teresa surrendered to the Danbury Correctional Facility in CT .  The RHONJ star began her 15 month sentence at 3am EST prompting much discussion and gossip about the details.Talk show host Wendy Williams got in on the action making Teresa part of the Hot Topics segment on her show.  In a lengthy dialogue Wendy ripped apart Teresa’s parenting, marriage and intelligence stating,

The first person I thought about when I woke up this morning was Teresa Giudice. Now look, I know that you guys say she did it to herself — she’s going to prison, she shouldn’t have been a fraudulent woman, but it all just seems like a dream now. It’s real now — 3 a.m. she had to begin her 15 month prison sentence. While it’s juicy to follow this story and it’s interesting … but when you think about this time of year, it’s like, you know, you’re at home with your kids, the holidays, and now we’re celebrating a new year and we’re all going back to work and Teresa’s going back to jail. Her oldest daughter is 13 years old –  if you have kids, whether it’s a boy or a girl, you know that’s a really crazy age. Not a good time for mom to be going to jail … Unfortunately, Joe has to be Mr. Mom, which for some of us, that’s a great thing, because a lot of times dads don’t let kids get away with stuff that we as moms do.

Anyway, Joe has to be Mr. Mom. Teresa and Joe have already told the two oldest that she’s going to jail. They haven’t told the two youngest. The youngest, is four years old — all of us don’t send our kids to kindergarten and pre-kindergarten. For 15 months, maybe the youngest just needs to stay at home and not go to school or anything … The eight-year old definitely needs to be told, but they didn’t tell her, because at eight years old — you know if you have kids, they’re smart — they have iPhone 6’s, they know how to Google … and look stuff up. I just feel like they could have given the eight-year-old the condensed child’s version of mommy’s going to jail. You know, instead what they think — the two youngest ones — is that Mommy’s going to do some shooting for The Real Housewives of  [New] Jersey. How long is that going to last before Joe takes them to the grocery store and they look at the tabloids and they see stuff? The eight-year-old is also in class with other kids whose moms and dads watch Housewives –– so where is she gonna find out about it? On the playground?

I say Teresa needs a divorce and I’m gonna tell you why… Here’s why I’m thinking this. So, the word is that the 13-year-old is going to go stay with one of her age appropriate girlfriends for the whole 15 months that Teresa is gone. Because, well, Teresa feels as though this oldest one needs a mother figure, it’s a very pivotal time. I say the father figure would be perfect at this particular time if the Joe cared about nurturing his girls, but apparently he’s not the one to go grocery shopping, he’s not the one to take the dishes out of the dishwasher … Teresa needs a divorce though because I think if Joe can’t step up to the plate and be mom and dad at this particular time then what good is he? What good is he?

When you get out Teresa, you need to file for divorce and you need to have the reality show Teresa Goes It Alone. Only she’s so old school, I’m sure she doesn’t believe in divorce and she seems less than smart and kind of frightened of – she’s not strong like me and you. You know what I mean? She’s not strong, but she needs to get strong.

While this is Wendy’s personal opinion, her comments pissed off someone close to the situation – Joe’s sister Sheila.  After hearing about Wendy’s rant, Sheila took to Twitter to let Wendy know EXACTLY what she thinks of her (or him?)



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Whose side are you on? Wendy’s or Shelia’s?

4 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Makes Teresa Giudice A “Hot Topic”; Sparks Twitter War With Sheila Giudice!”

  1. I’m glad that someone from Teresa’s side called Wendy out. First off, Wendy shouldn’t be commenting on someone else’s child. That’s below the belt, especially if it’s a rumor that hasn’t been confirmed to be true. Wendy needs to stick to spreading rumors about adults! I hope if Teresa decides to be a guest on Wendy’s show, she calls her out for that “hot topic”!

  2. Wendy can say whatever she wants its her show. The Giudices are pure trash. No sympathy. I’m glad she told it like it is.

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