Wendy Williams Has Some Rumors To Clear Up!


It looks like Wendy Williams pissed off more than just Sheila Giudice this past Monday!  The talk show host revealed that she received a call from Teresa’s attorney about her comments during the Hot Topics segment of her show on Monday.After receiving quite a bit of backlash for spreading rumors, Wendy is ready to clear a few things up.

First and foremost, Gia is NOT living with friends.  She is living at home with her father and sisters.  Joe is raising the girls himself and was there to get the girls off to school on Monday morning instead of going to Danbury with his wife.

Secondly, Teresa and Joe told all four of their daughters exactly where Teresa is during this time.  They are not in the dark.

Lastly, Teresa was very strong as she entered prison and didn’t shed a tear.

Wendy must feel like a huge ass for speaking so passionately about gossip and rumors, but I give her credit for admitting she was wrong and clearing up the lies.


2 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Has Some Rumors To Clear Up!”

  1. Good. I’m glad Wendy admitted the rumor she was commenting on was false. I get that a talk show host’s opinion is part of their celebrity persona but I would think they would make sure the topic is true first.

    I wonder if Rosie O’Donnell received a phone call, too, from Mr. Lawyer? She tore into Teresa about lying to her youngest daughters about why she was going to prison. Which was false info someone leaked to the public! I would be embarrassed if I went on a public rant and the story was a lie. I hope the source of the stories are blacklisted now!

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