WE TOLD YOU SO! Farrah Abraham’s Return To Teen Mom Increases Ratings!


WE TOLD YOU SO! Teen Mom fans were so angry when MTV decided to bring back Farrah Abraham, and they even got crazy with us on Twitter when we suggested Farrah was saving the show as well as the other girls’ jobs

— We were right! The ratings are in and as much as people have stated they will no longer watch the show if Farrah is back, it doesn’t matter cause plenty of other people are STILL watching!

The fifth episode was highly promoted as Farrah’s return even though she ended up only appearing the last five minutes, but viewership rose to 1.675 million.

Farrah’s first full episode spiked up ratings even more to 1.822 million proving that Morgan J. Freeman was right to bring her back.

Looks like the haters are just gonna have to get over it, because Farrah is here to stay.

2 thoughts on “WE TOLD YOU SO! Farrah Abraham’s Return To Teen Mom Increases Ratings!”

  1. Farrah’s family is messed up. Farrah acts like a spoiled brat. Sad that cute little Sofia is going to grow up with her moms attitude. Kids learn by example also. Farrah is awful to her parents! And her parents are crazy! You can see it in her Moms eyes and the way she talks that there is something wrong with Ber. Her dad is a sweetheart and farrah treats him like sh-t. Why does he take that!?

  2. I agree with you Robyn, Farrah is a spoiled brat and the reason she has become popular is because of THAT video, it was disgusting. No matter whether she did it for herself or porn it certainly has brought her a lot of money for sex. What kind of a way is that to behave as a mother? Personally I do not like her because she is so arrogant and has a real chip on her shoulder.
    I wish her Mother would tell her how to behave and chastise her for that video instead of complementing Farrah on her success.
    Although the parents are very eager to use whatever Farrah has gained at any price.

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