WATCH: Lisa Rinna Accuses Lisa Vanderpump Of Something Awful!


Lisa Rinna’s lips also may be made for lying cause that’s exactly what most people think she’s doing when it comes to this RHOBH preview! Below is a clip of the reunion where Rinna accuses fan favorite Lisa Vanderpump of trying to use Yolanda Foster’s illness as a storyline!

Check out the clip below

I do not believe LVP said this, simply because she doesn’t speak that way and the place Rinna says it happened at was at a table filled with LOTS of other people who coincidentally didn’t hear LVP say that. Also, I can’t take how much Yolanda soaked up the moment to fake cry and make LVP look like a monster. This plan is officially putting me to SLEEP.

2 thoughts on “WATCH: Lisa Rinna Accuses Lisa Vanderpump Of Something Awful!”

  1. I am curious who was outside the door when YOYO played the victim & faked the freaking tears & ran off the couch. That rinna needs shock treatments & a padded room. Next up beat down text messages when Harry left her all alone & was

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