VIDEO: More PROOF Abby Lee Miller Tried To Sabotage 13 Year Old Chloe Lukasiak!

abby lee

Abby Lee Miller officially needs to be kicked off TV and banned from ever being in the presence of children. The Dance Moms star was outed for trying to sabotage her own dance (yes you read that correctly) from winning a dance competition she was TOLD to win! (Yes, you also read that part correctly too).

Francisco Thurston who was present as a judge at the dance competition came to the recent Dance Moms Reunion and called Abby out on LYING about the fact that she did go off on the judges for Chloe Lukasiak winning. Check out this conveniently EDITED out scene from the reunion, in which Francisco confronts Abby!


Why is a woman who tries her hardest to sabotage children, on TV? Someone who hates a child that badly shouldn’t be rewarded with her own TV shows and innocent children to abuse. What are your thoughts on this?

One thought on “VIDEO: More PROOF Abby Lee Miller Tried To Sabotage 13 Year Old Chloe Lukasiak!”

  1. Hooray Francisco for coming out with the truth about Abby Lee Miller’s attempted manipulation of your competition. I’m shocked by her inappropriate behavior and by her apparent lack of concern for how she looks to Dance Mom viewers. There’s something wrong with this woman but she doesn’t seem to care who knows it. Maybe her being co-executive producer of the Dance Moms show has something to do with this behavior?

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