Victoria Gotti Stands By Her Claims That Rino Aprea Slept With Teresa Aprea’s Mother!


Real Housewives of New Jersey stars, Rino, Teresa, Nicole, and Bobby are sure doing a lot of damage control for a rumor that supposedly isn’t true, BUT they keep failing to mention where the “rumor” really came from — VICTORIA GOTTI!

While they may be scared to speak her name, Victoria is sticking by her claims that Rino sleeping with Teresa Aprea’s mother is true!

Realitytea spoke with Victoria’s rep and he had the following to say,

Steve Honig:

“Victoria genuinely feels bad about how this has all unfolded, however stands by her statements 100 percent. It would probably be a good idea for Teresa to stop talking about this because she’s only bringing more attention to what has to be a very painful situation for her.”

This rumor is very sad, but at the same time, the twins and their men look guilty constantly blaming Jim Marchese for the rumor, instead of dealing with Victoria herself. Why not sue if it’s not true? Victoria isn’t a part of the show so they are able to sue. What do you guys think?

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