Vicki Gunvalson Says Bravo MADE Her Film With Brooks For RHOC Season 10!


For a few seasons now we have seen Vicki juggle her work, family, friends and controversial relationship with on again/off again boyfriend Brooks Ayers.  Last season she did her best to keep her relationship more private and off cameras, but Bravo wasn’t a fan!Speaking to US Weekly, Vicki opened up about the show and revealed that Bravo threatened to reduce her role on the show (which she has been on since the franchise aired).

It’s really frightening bringing back Brooks into my life publicly.  [Bravo] basically put the gauntlet down and said, ‘If you don’t film with Brooks, then we are reducing your role.’ And I was like, ‘Oh no! You did not just say that!

I get why Vicki wanted to take her relationship off camera.  It is nothing but a mess and caused so many issues with her daughter, but I’m not surprised at all that Bravo would give her the ultimatum.  I’m also not surprised what Vicki decided to do!

What are your thoughts?

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