Vicki Gunvalson Insists Brooks Ayers DOES Have Cancer!

vicki gunvalson

Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County hasn’t even aired yet and we are already being told that we will find out the truth! LOL

If you haven’t watched the EXPLOSIVE trailer, then you missed the huge storyline of the season which is, BROOKS AYERS IS LYING ABOUT HAVING CANCER!

When a fan reached out to Vicki on Twitter about the matter, Vicki was quick to respond and say that Brooks is not lying and the truth will be revealed!

Check it OUT!


At this point I really hope Brooks isn’t lying, because that would be even more disturbing than him actually being ill.

Do you think Brooks is really battling cancer?

2 thoughts on “Vicki Gunvalson Insists Brooks Ayers DOES Have Cancer!”

  1. Yup I think he is lying and the jury is still out on whether Vicki knows or not if she doesn’t it is because she can’t allow herself to think that he would lie about something like that. On the other hand it might get sympathy from her daughter , cast members and the audience.

  2. i definitely think Vicki should have went with Brooks to the Doctors from the get go 2 see what was going on with him. Not say a stupid statement like I’m different that way 2 Tamara’s husband when he was trying 2 talk 2 her but it seems as though you can’t get through 2 Vicki. I think the whole thing is a joke with Vicki she’s losing it… The way she rants on is totally ridiculous…..think she should go 2 anger management…

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