Total Divas Recap: Divas Unchained


We start tonight’s episode off with Natty fighting with TJ about how he gives her no romance. Poor Nattie, she shouldn’t be having to beg her HUSBAND for attention and affection. Brie and Nikki are meeting for lunch, and Brie reveals that she and Brian are not working during the week so they don’t have money coming in. Nikki wants to order the most expensive wine, while frugal Brie doesn’t want to. Nikki says she works five days a week, and Brie works ZERO — therefore, she deserves the wine!

Nattie and Rosa are in the car driving and Natty reveals that TJ didn’t get her a cake or anything for her birthday, and Rosa is shocked. Rosa said Nattie was the only one there for her when she was going through her struggles, so it hurts her so much to see Natty hurt. Trinity and is bowling with her boyfriend Jon and she starts feeling sick. Trinity says ever since having her birth control put into her arm its been causing her lots of issues and she cannot stop bleeding.

Jon is frustrated he’s not getting any, so Trinity decides that she needs to go back to the doctor — DUH! Nikki and Brie are off to Nikki’s egg freezing appointment. Brie is in a bad mood and her and Nikki start arguing. The girls are watching Natty’s match, and Rosa is telling them how TJ forgot Natty’s birthday. Natty loses the match and she is in tears. Poor Nattie.

Brie and Brian are shopping for a washer and dryer, but is annoyed since she already has a set in mind and Brian is dragging her to look at other ones. Nattie is with her parents and she’s having a birthday party for herself. TJ says he has a gift for Nattie and it’s an exercise machine that shakes the sh*t out of her. Nattie is annoyed and TJ really has no clue. Oh TJ, ask her friends to help you next time!

Nattie is over TJ and leaves her own birthday party. She heads over to a hotel and has Rosa come over. Trinity and her Uncle Buck are at the doctor’s office to find out why she’s still bleeding. Trinity finds out she needs surgery and she’s super bummed. Nikki and John are driving and they are talking about how Brie’s been with her. John is so calm with Nikki, he really balances her out.

The girls get together to celebrate Natty’s birthday. Nattie feels so grateful that Rosa set all this up for her. All the girls bought Nattie gifts and really cheered her up. Trinity is still in pain and Jon is annoyed he can’t touch her. He is tired of her being sick, and he just wants her to hurry up and heal. Trinity is telling Rosa and Summer her bedroom drama with Jon, and they think she needs to find another way to spice it up for him.

The girls decide that they need to take a pole dancing class. Nikki and Brian decide it’s time to sit Brie down to talk to her about how she’s been acting lately. Summer, Trinity, and Rosa arrive to their pole dancing class and they look amazing. Trinity is killing it on the pole. Brie finally arrives home, and Nikki and Brian are getting nervous.

Nikki tells Brie she’s been snapping a lot, and Brie calls her childish. Brian chimes in and reminds her how they argued in a washer and dryer store, and Nikki says that was ridiculous for her to do. Nikki tells Brie she dreads hanging out with her, and Brie feels attacked. Brie explains she’s really stressed about her finances and Nikki tells her all of that is okay, as long as she’s not being mean to them.

Brie realizes she shouldn’t be taking their anger out on her family, and all is right in Brie world! Trinity, Jon, Nattie, and Rosa are all out, and Rosa is undressing Nattie with her eyes. While they are taking a photo, Rosa decides to try and kiss Nattie. It gets awkward and Nattie gets up and leaves to the restroom. Nattie and Trinity are in the bathroom and Nattie tells Trinity what Rosa tried to do. Trinity doesn’t think it’s a big deal, but Nattie is freaking out. LOL

Rosa apologizes, but Natty seems a little scared now. Brie and Brian are at lunch and Mark from WWE calls and let’s her know they will be putting her back on TV asap. Brie is so happy, and so is Brian, because now Brie won’t be such a bitch LOL Trinity surprises Jon with a pole and Jon is pissed and he throws the pole. Yikes! Trinity feels bad and realizes she needs to stop procrastinating and get herself better, NOW!

Nattie pulls Rosa to the side to talk about the “kiss,” and Rosa apologizes and says she was only trying to make Nattie feel good about herself. Nattie appreciates it, but still doesn’t want Rosa touching her in that way. Nattie is meeting TJ for lunch. Nattie has been gone from their house for a couple of days, and she tells TJ something needs to change in their relationship.

Nattie takes a call from Mark and just leaves TJ by himself.

Next week, the drama continues!

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