Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Are Coming Back To Reality TV!


Because the last time went so well…….

Tori and Dean have decided to give reality TV another go, but this time with the focus off of their marriage woes.Dean recently spoke out about the new show saying it will be MUCH more light-hearted than before, and that he thinks their last show got too real and personal,

We’re going to some more reality TV. We’re going to do some stuff for the Cooking Channel It’s going to be lighthearted, nothing like True Tori. Do some cooking stuff, maybe some travel stuff, stuff with the family but lighthearted and fun.

Those days of baring our souls to the world are over.  I think the world saw too much of us, certainly too much of me and that’s why I got out of it. I don’t want people to ever see that side of me again, that realness, that rawness. I don’t think viewers are really ready for that kind of rawness as well.

Light-hearted and family fun = scripted and fake.  Will you be tuning in?

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