Top 10 Things Bobby Ciasulli SHOULD Have Spent $10,000 On Instead Of An HOUR LONG Video!


It is no secret Bobby Ciasulli has money, and his new “truth” video certainly shows off that fact.  Here is a list of the top-ten things our HILARIOUS readers said Bobby SHOULD have spent $10,000 on instead of spending it on his self-promoting HOUR LONG “truth.”


10) Could have spent money on  250 Turkeys for the poor in Monmouth County

9) Could have purchased 400 shoe shaped bottle holders from Colts Neck Pharmacy for guys looking for a unique present for girlfriends who are not really interested in the girl but are using them for some other reason.

8) Could have purchased  40 separate $250 donations to Wounded Warrior project.

7) Could have purchased  400 separate $25 donations to, which would have provided $50,000 worth of food for starving children in Africa.

6) Could have purchased a date with Dina Manzo for 1 week (Strap-on included). Dina can talk decor while she watches porn.  Plus she can give him relationship advice on how to “lose a partner” but keep the benefits of the relationship while pretending to end the relationship on TV as a storyline.

5) Could have bought tickets to hang out with Joe Gorga on 10 occasions for next season just in case Nicole breaks up with him.  He still owes Joe for the last 2 drinks he already used,  but swears he is “good for it” as he will provide sexual favors to Joe upon request.

4) Could have had Teresa Giudice autograph his picture at the book signing or purchased 500 autographed Fabellini’s and decorated his house for Christmas.

3) Could have purchased advice from Andy or Bravo so he would not make an ass of himself on REALITY TV by hiding in a bathroom or stating “It is a coincidence to run into FOUR separate housewives”.

2) Could have purchased an engagement ring for Nicole and made his appearance on the RHONJ seem real!

1) Could have donated to REAL FIREMEN who have fallen at

In the end, Booby could have simply expressed some sadness for hurting Amber and Jim who, he finally admits, got him on the show.  A simple, “I am sorry, I never meant for you to get hurt and feel terrible for what happened.” after Amber was attacked and Jim insulted would have done more for his image and telling “the Truth” than his vanity driven  video.

Ironically, his own words,  Bobby proved  he was brought on the show by Amber and Jim,  signed an agreement with Jim and only met Nicole because he recruited her for the show!  Coincidentally, Booby would not be on the show if he did not date one of the housewives.  I am sensing another pink shoe for Christmas…sorry Nicole!   SOOOO the Truth is Jim and Amber were honest all season and Bobby just admitted it.  At least to the 100 people who care enough or are bored enough with life to sit through his diatribe.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Things Bobby Ciasulli SHOULD Have Spent $10,000 On Instead Of An HOUR LONG Video!”

  1. Yeh well, Bobby could do all on you 10 things list and still pay for his hour long video. Seems like more than 100 people are wishing they were Bobby. People who feel some type of way about people they don’t even know and spend all day talking about it seem way more bored with life than those who took the time to watch. Even Jim and Amber aren’t that *hype* about Bobby.

  2. How do you know what bobby has donated 2 any charities as with most others than JM don’t flaunt donations. JM made a point via his AIRHORN twitter divulging he Gave $2,000.00 2 PLB, so u r assuming spoonfed by JM that bobby gave nothing. U r a joke. U won’t b on hs side when he gets arrested 4 another new judgement he was served on nov 17 2014. I suspect u will hav egg on yur face. By the way abbeys husband in his gentleman & denies JM ‘s donation james Kobers another gentleman, unlike JM. Also another blatent lie is that “ambuh” went to Columbia Ivy League college,is such a lie, she got her certificate the same place she was caught harassing rebecca JM ex wife, ONLINE. U can’t make this shit up but u manage to, few ppl believe a word out of yur mouth!

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