The Twins Are Have NOT Fired From RHONJ


Nothing has been set in stone for the new season of RHONJ, and rumors have been flying.  Now rumor has it the twins have not yet been fired from the show – could they be returning?!An insider close to production spoke to Real Mr. Housewife stating,

To date, the twins have not been fired.  Many things are going on with the show and no final decisions have been made.

It’s possible Bravo hasn’t pulled the plug on the twins yet because they are looking for replacements, but of course it is also possible Bravo wants them back.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “The Twins Are Have NOT Fired From RHONJ”

  1. I would prefer that they don’t come back but I might be able to tolerate them more if they cut back on all the belly shirts.

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