Teresa Giudice Keeping Herself Busy In The Kitchen!


Adapting to life in prison is all about routine, and according to Teresa’s lawyer it looks like she has found a flow in her new home!With multiple cookbooks it is no surprise that Teresa loves to cook, and according to her lawyer it looks like she is able to keep the hobby going even behind bars.

Teresa has a job working in the kitchen.  She told me she enjoys it because it helps her pass the time and allows her to interact with the other inmates. Plus, she loves being in the kitchen, because it reminds her of home.

Teresa is also keeping up with her exercising routine and even teaches classes,

She is helping to teach exercise classes. The women take turns leading classes and she has her little group, so once in a while she takes the lead.

Leonard summed it up by saying she is doing well and making the most of her time.

Prison is all about establishing and maintaining a routine, and she has done that. She has adapted well.

Teresa is currently serving a 15 month sentence at Danbury Federal Correctional Facility.

It seems like Teresa is doing well and keeping a great attitude.

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