Tamra Judge Settles Custody Dispute With Ex-Husband Simon Barney


Things got pretty messy for the Barney/Judge family over the summer when Tamra’s ex-husband filed a suit against the OC Housewife calling her an unfit mother and demanding full custody of their 15 year old daughter Sidney.The family has thankfully been able to sort out their differences out of the spotlight and the courtroom.  Simon will have full custody of their oldest daughter, and Tamra will have visitation every other weekend and once a week.

Tamra posted on Facebook stating,

My family means everything to me and NO it is not perfect all the time. Sometimes you have to make the hardest decision in your life to make someone you love happy.  You have to put it in God’s hands and believe in your heart that they will understand what you went through and the sacrifices you made for their happiness.

Tamra spoke to AllThingsRH on the matter saying that this was no loss in court for her, and her daughter is old enough to choose where she wants to live.

Simon and I came to terms outside of court. We both want what’s best for our daughter, her happiness is what matters most. Sidney’s wish was to have her main residence at her dad’s. She is 16 and can chose where she wants to live.

There was no loss in court for me, the judge threw out the original case.”

[We] are all in a good place and continue to work on family.

With how messy things were getting it is good to see that they were able to put their differences aside and focus on their daughter’s happiness.

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