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Siggy Flicker Has A Reason For Crying So Much!


If you’ve been watching Real Housewives of New Jersey, then you might be wondering if Siggy is a professional matchmaker OR a professional crier. Well the answer is BOTH! But it’s not her fault! Promise!

Check out Siggy’s Bravo blog below and find out why she’s always crying

Some viewers have felt for me -– others have questioned my sanity -– either way, there’s no denying I’ve cried enough tears so far during this season of the RHONJ to form a Flicker River. You may have noticed I’m an emotional person, but do you know why I’m so emotional? I’m ready now to fill you in.

I’ve always had issues with my fibroids, but two years ago, they were inflamed enough to require surgery. During the surgery, my doctor, Dr. Nimesh Nagarsheth who saved my life, found a pre-cancerous tumor on my other ovary. Who knew inflamed fibroids could be such a blessing?! I underwent a full hysterectomy and my body went into complete shock; my hormones were –- and occasionally continue to be –- out of whack. My doctor recommended that I do hormone replacement therapy to counter the effects of my uterus being removed, but after much research, I decided against it because of the increased breast cancer risk associated with it. I also opted to have my breast implants removed because I couldn’t stand the thought of anything foreign in my body anymore. I embrace my hot flashes and my highs and lows. I’m alive and healthy, and that’s all that matters to me!

Now more than ever, I’m able to focus on what I feel is truly important in life. I’ve never been one to partake in drama, and after going through something like this, I know all too well that you don’t know what each day brings; life is too short and too precious, and there are MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE THAN PETTY BULLS—.

I’m so lucky that my girlfriends have accepted me for who I am, an empathetic, compassionate, loyal friend to all of my loved ones. I’m also so grateful that they respect my wishes — I don’t want to be in the middle of any more drama. The ladies and I have a pact: Teresa and Melissa won’t talk about Jacqueline in my presence, and Jacqueline won’t talk about Teresa or Melissa around me. I respect them and love them ALL too much to tolerate anything being said about any of them. Thank you, Chris, for understanding that I’m about mending, not breaking people.

What I do wish is that everyone on the show would sit down together and really listen to each other, the way Melissa and I did over coffee. You get so much further with people when you sit down with them, really listen to what they have to say, and you’re honest with them. I saw Melissa in a whole new light after our conversation, and I’m so glad that we each took the time to meet that day.

You see, I’ve always been the way I am, but after my health scare, I like to think of myself as a new and improved Siggy, “Siggy 2.0”! Life is too fragile not to be true to you, and I’m not changing ONE BIT for anyone or any television show.

Embrace who you are and be thankful for every day!



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Top 10 Things Bobby Ciasulli SHOULD Have Spent $10,000 On Instead Of An HOUR LONG Video!


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Jim Marchese Explains His Respect For The Ladies!

jim and amber

Jim Marchese has R-E-S-P-E-C-T! The Real Househusband of New Jersey and breakout star of the show, took to his Twitter account to address a fan about him being disrespectful to the ladies — Jim explained that he is only rude to those who are rude to him. Makes sense. Check out what he had to say below


I think Jim is actually nice if you are nice to him. I’m sure if he had not been called so many names by some of his female co-stars, everything would be fine right now. Thoughts?

Jacqueline Laurita Gets CALLED OUT On Twitter For Sending One Of Her Infamous DM’S!

jacqueline laurita

She’s at it again! Jacqueline Laurita has been called out MANY times for her sneaky direct messages she likes to send fans on Twitter, but you think she would have grown out of it by now. Yesterday, a fan tweeted Jacqueline asking her not to send a message they aren’t even able to respond to (FYI how that works is, if you follow someone but they don’t follow you, they can message you, but you can’t message them). Continue reading Jacqueline Laurita Gets CALLED OUT On Twitter For Sending One Of Her Infamous DM’S!

Bad Makeup? I Don’t Think So! Amber Marchese Is Looking FLAWLESS!


Amber Marchese may have gotten a lot of crap for her makeup all throughout season 6 of Real Housewives of New Jersey, but currently, she is KILLING it in the beauty department. Amber recently posted photos on her Instagram of her and her husband Jim Marchese at an event, and she looks amazing! Continue reading Bad Makeup? I Don’t Think So! Amber Marchese Is Looking FLAWLESS!

Amber Marchese Defends Her Husband; Calls Out Andy Cohen And The Cast!


After a reunion which focused a lot on her husband and his actions, Amber Marchese has decided to clear up the allegations once and for all! Continue reading Amber Marchese Defends Her Husband; Calls Out Andy Cohen And The Cast!

Andy Cohen Says Teresa Giudice Has Been The EASIEST Housewife To Work With!

teresa giudice

I never thought I’d see the day — Andy Cohen is admitting something that might shock A LOT of housewives fans… Andy recently revealed during a Reddit AMA session that they aren’t sure about the future of The Real Housewives of New Jersey show, AND that Teresa Giudice has been the easiest housewife to work with! See what else he said below

Andy shared,

“We have not made any plans relating to the future of the Jersey Housewives. The final reunion is airing tonight, and we’ll go back and meet and talk and re-evaluate soon.”

And when asked about his favorite housewives to collaborate with Andy said,

“There are many that are easy. I mean, there are a whole lot that are easy to work with, actually! I’d have to say Teresa, for all she’s been through, has been very professional and easy to work with.”

Andy also talked a little bit more about the Giudices saying,

“What’s happening now with Teresa and Joe, was challenging and unusual and just—you know—surprising. But I don’t think that it’s fair to say that there have been tragedies that have been associated with other people’s pursuit of fame. In other words, Teresa and Joe are being prosecuted for something that happened before they were even on the show.”

Could have fooled me Andy! You think you’d be nicer to the person you give that title to. What do you think? Who would be your favorite housewife to work with?

WATCH: The RHONJ Ladies Mock Amber And Jim Marchese’s Commercial!


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