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Mob Wives may be over but the dysfunctional drama seems to be a way of life for professional extra, Marissa Fiore. Since the show ended, we’ve watched the other girls from the show move on to more productive things like new TV gigs, successful business ventures, and continuing their education – Marissa is BROKE, getting cheated on, and begging fans to buy her vitamins (which is crazy cause we heard her favorite vitamin is Xanax)

Any ways, we were recently contacted by a woman who claims that she is allegedly the baby mama of woman beater Thomas Gelardo aka “Tommy Juice.” This woman is Victoria Bruce, never heard of her? Well try VERONICA RAYNE. As in porn star, Veronica Rayne. And no it’s not the porn star he was arrested for beating and stalking, this is a new one.

Veronica Rayne who we found out is Victoria Foley EXCLUSIVELY claims,

Tommy is a POS father. She says he hardly spends time with their son and he barely helps her out physically or financially. She also says that Marissa knows about the baby and was mad at first but since Marissa is broke she has to put up with it in order for Tommy to continue giving her money.

Tommy thinks Marissa is going to be famous so he sticks around just in case since he’s so desperate to be on TV. While Victoria was pregnant Tommy slept with her all the way up until her due date in September of 2016 and told her that once the baby was born they would be a family.

Victoria gave birth to Thomas Vito on September 28th

Victoria also claims that she spent Thanksgiving with Tommy and his family and says his family hates Marissa and refers to her as “trash.”

Tommy has ZERO Facebook photos of his son on his page but he has a whole collage of him and Marissa. I don’t know about you, but I would NEVER even look twice at a man who spends more time with me than his kid. But then again, that just also shows what garbage Marissa is.

Tommy apparently also has a type because, ummm…. these two could be porn sisters. Hey, Tommy and Marissa both need the money so maybe a sex tape isn’t too far behind. Especially since he likes to send dick pics of his little penis

By the way, don’t take steroids, kids. Unless you want a penis the size of a shrimp.

We previously reported Tommy was arrested for stalking and beating his last porn star girlfriend and he was so desperate for media attention that he had his lawyers put in the paperwork that he was a “Lucchese associate.”

Tommy who also wears garter belts to shape his figure (no really) has “No Fear” tattooed on his arm, yet reportedly ran from Marissa’s ex boyfriend OZ after Marissa was caught cheating. OZ even showed up to Tommy’s neighborhood with some of Tommy’s friends and Tommy would not show up.

Editor’s thoughts: First of all what kind of mother would even have her child around a man who dates and beats porn stars and who claims he’s affiliated with the mob. Secondly, you’re an idiot if you think a man who isn’t even good to his own child will ever be good to you.

I don’t know how she hasn’t lost custody of her son since she always has him around different criminals who she calls “loves of her life.” I mean is this really the only guy she can get? Marissa is someone who always says how “classy” she is and this whole situation is the furthest thing from “CLASS.”

EXCLUSIVE: DUMPED! Karen Gravano’s Boyfriend Storm Skips Out On Press & Appearances!


Looks like Karen Gravano is back on the market, so if you know any blind men about to die, let them know she’s available. But who’s not so available? STORM!

In case you don’t know, Karen and her rent-a-boyfriend so she can collect a check, also known as Storm, is appearing on this season’s Marriage Boot Camp alongside Karen.

If you haven’t been watching, let us fill you in. Storm basically would rather get a Staph infection then pretend to love Karen for the cameras. And off camera?

Here’s what we found out!

Now there is no official proof if Karen and Storm are done for good, but we do know that he skipped out on ALL press and appearances with her.

Remember the MBC Premiere Party? Yep, Storm was a no-show for that too, but it’s okay because Karen had two thirsty unemployed “friends” on standby….

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Drita Davanzo is OVER Mob Wives And On To BIGGER & BETTER Things!


It looks like Drita Davanzo’s book is finally almost ready for us to read! Drita who you can usually only find at her store working, made an appearance not too long ago and shared some new updates about her life.

Speaking to Maximo TV, Drita dished about her book and even her new figure!

Check out the video below to see what Drita has been up to

We are so excited for Drita’s book and are even more excited that she will be talking about the show. I hope she tells us fans the TRUTH about what really went down during Mob Wives filming and all the drama! I’m sure after reading her book things will finally make sense.

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EXCLUSIVE: Mob Wives Isn’t Getting Canceled!


Well..not just yet! Yesterday fans were distraught when VH1 announced that they will no longer be featuring Mob Wives on their network, but we just learned this morning that there is still hope for the show!

A source close to production EXCLUSIVELY tells RA,

“VH1 decided not to keep Mob Wives because it was too expensive. You have people working on shows like Love and Hip Hop for pennies, and they aren’t going to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for each girl cause it’s not worth it for them.”

Our source continues,

“Mob Wives might not be what VH1 wants, but A LOT of other networks are very interested in it and the show will most likely continue on one of those other networks. Nothing is set in stone yet.”

So basically this may be the last season of Mob Wives for VH1, but the show will probably continue on another network.

Well there you have it. Now dry up your tears and tweet heavily during season 7 so these networks can see the fans still want this show on air!

Mob Wives EXCLUSIVE: Season 6 The Originals Are BACK! And Drita Davanzo Is The TARGET!

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VIDEO: Natalie Guercio Says Karen Gravano Owes Her A Check For Getting Her Job Back!

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