Stassi Schroeder Reveals The REAL Reason She Doesn’t Speak To Scheana!


All season long it has felt like the last thing in the world Stassi wanted to do was even look at her Vanderpump Rules castmates.  Turns out she had a better reason for it than being a bitch and it all revolves around a solo sex tape!During part two of the reunion, Stassi revealed that her main issue with Scheana and her castmates was over a solo sex tape she had made a few years ago for a guy (she never specifies who).  According to Stassi, Scheana found out about the sex tape and was talking to the others about bringing it up during filming, and even assisting in sending it to the tabloids.  While Lisa was able to diffuse the tabloids,  Scheana used her Bravo blog to explain her side of the story saying that is FAR from the truth – but what is real?

If it’s true that Scheana knew and was telling the others about it I don’t blame Stassi for being upset about it and not wanting to be around these people.  And call me crazy but I don’t blame her for outing it herself either!  Let’s be honest we know how these things work.  The season may be over but gossip and drama never are, and if she didn’t say it there is a good chance someone else would.

Lisa has defined her employees and staff as “loyal” during this event but we can never be sure as to what really happened.  The SUR staff has certainly never shown loyalty before!  What do you think?

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