Stassi Schroeder A No Show At Vanderpump Rules Premiere Party – Could She Be Pregnant?!


Never a dull moment at SUR!  With the third season of Vanderpump Rules coming up the cast got together to celebrate the premiere and almost everyone was there.  Missing from the action was ex-SUR employee Stassi Schroeder, so where was she?

If you talk to RealityTea they are speculating the Pump Rules star could be expecting and is waiting to announce the news along with her own spinoff, but RumorFix was quick to debunk that rumor by speaking to her rep.

Her rep stated,

We can confirm that Stassi is not pregnant.

So where was she?  According to sources at the party Stassi was a no show due to the drama she has had with her castmates!

Stassi thinks she’s above everyone else and she wasn’t here because she’s at odd with most of the cast.  Stassi became so arrogant this season, the staff had to figure out how to deal with her.

Since the start Stassi has always been that way so I don’t see this as a surprise, it has always been her role on the show.  Vanderpump Rules is set to air this Sunday and we are pumped!  Are you?


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