STAGED Looking Photos Of Scott Disick “Cheating” On Kourtney Kardashian Leak!


Can this SAME fake drama between Kourtney and Scott ever GO AWAY?!

New photos were leaked yesterday of Scott Disick spotted with another woman and he isn’t really doing much, but enough to add to the dramatic trailer for the upcoming season of KUWTK.

If you’ve been watching KUWTK since the beginning, then you know Kourtney and Scott’s go-to drama are always; Scott drunk, Scott cheating,

Scott being suspicious, Scott has a cough, Scott blinking – you get it.

Check out the photos that were released and I’ll point out my suspicions below


Okay so a couple of things

If Scott is “cheating” then why is he not even really touching her? This makes me think he was told to touch this girl enough so it can be questionable. What guy with a hot new romance just pats his new love interest? When your on vacation, especially when someone you’re hot for, wouldn’t you be hugging on them, kissing them, holding their hand at least? These photos seem completely staged.

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