SNEAK PEEK: Phaedra Parks Leaves Town The Day Of Apollo’s Sentencing!


Drama unfolded this summer when Phaedra Park’s husband, Apollo Nida, was sentenced to 8 years in prison on fraud charges and Bravo’s cameras caught it all!When Apollo was sentenced it quickly became clear that Phaedra was a no-show to the sentencing.  In a new sneak peak from Bravo we can finally see why!  Check it out here.

In the clip Phaedra says she felt betrayed because she thought Apollo was a changed man.  She also mentions that the pappazzi attention is not something she wants surrounding her children.

It’s the morning of Apollo’s sentencing and I’ve decided to not be at our house because of the paparazzi and people trying to snap pictures of my children. As a mother, the biggest concern for me is to protect my children during this whole tumultuous time.

Apollo’s actions constitute the ultimate betrayal because I trusted him and I thought he was a changed man.

Season 7 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is set to premiere on November 9th.

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