SHOCKING! The Girls From Dance Moms Publicly MOCK Their Own Teammate!


This is so sad. The girls we all thought were sweet little angels unfortunately showed how they’re being brought up at an appearance in Ireland.

Castmates: Mackenzie Ziegler, Maddie Ziegler, Kendall Vertes, and Kalani Hilliker all took the stage in Ireland to talk to fans and one of the audience members recorded a bit from their show and ALL the girls were seen making fun of 11 year old JoJo Siwa!

In the video all the girls make fun of JoJo’s voice (which is sad considering JoJo has Rhotacism which is an excessive use of the letter “R” and having trouble with using your “R’s” in general.) The girls decided to make fun of JoJo for saying how many things she gets for “FWee” (free) being a well-known dancer.

We also see little Mackenzie be the most mean in this video and even rude to her own sister Maddie when Maddie tries asking for the microphone to speak. Maddie does try and do damage control after the girls publicly mock JoJo, but by that point the damage was DONE!

Check out the shocking video below

People left comments saying “they’re little girls” — and I get that, but that’s something you laugh about in private. You don’t humiliate someone like that in front of a crowd of people. It was also interesting to see Abby think it was funny that the girls were making fun of JoJo and sort of encourage them. Lastly, Abby calls most of these girls “cry-babies” so I wonder how they would have took it if that was THEM being mocked like that. What do you think? Would you be disappointed if that was your daughter?

3 thoughts on “SHOCKING! The Girls From Dance Moms Publicly MOCK Their Own Teammate!”

  1. I think it’s horrible these girls are taught by that beast of a woman to act so cruel. Obv it’s the only thing she can teach them because her fat ass doesn’t get off her mat in the studio and is physically incapable of doing any of the movements those dancers other people teach. Abby’s a bitch. A pig. A liar(fake engagement), 50 yr old virgin(u know she is) and a blood sucker off of other people’s talents. Btw sia called maddie for her video. She didn’t go through flabby. Flabby squeezed herself in to be middleman for the $$$. Rant over!

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