Shahs Of Sunset Star GG Says Mike Shouhed Is A Cheated And She Has PROOF!

mike and gg

Shahs of Sunset has just started and already we can tell it’s going to be the most explosive season yet! GG Golnesa has had it with hiding a “secret” she knows about Mike Shouhed and she is not gonna let him get away with denying it!

When Mike appeared on WWHL Monday night, he told Andy Cohen that GG saying he tried to sleep with her is false and she just wants attention — GG was obviously watching because she fired back with even more accusations on Twitter!

Check out GG’s tweets below




Oh how I can’t wait for this reunion to happen already! I think GG might be telling the truth since she took the lie detector test and she probably passed which is why the cast doesn’t hate her for lying. Who do you believe? Vote in our poll below

8 thoughts on “Shahs Of Sunset Star GG Says Mike Shouhed Is A Cheated And She Has PROOF!”

  1. I think GG could actually be lying AND pass a lie detector test. She’s so delusional she believes a lot of things about herself that are untrue. She has shown herself overly jealous of any woman Mike dates or shown an interest in.She’s been after Mike for a long time and he told her they would always be friends ONLY. Had he tried to make a move on her she wouldn’t have turned him down. She dislikes/is extremely jealous of Jessica and Mike’s relationship and blurted out the allegations at Adam’s party when she found out he was finally going to propose. GG has extremely low self esteem despite all her bluster. Nose job, breast augmentation, botox, rear end done – these are things done by someone who is very insecure with their appearance. Which is why she’s in constant conflict with MJ. Yes, MJ’s a chubby wackadoodle but I think GG’s jealous of her being at peace with her body and her looks in general.

  2. I have a hard time believing GG, for the simple fact that she is not the most stable person, lets face it and she’s a sh*t starter! How they originally brought it to the forefront she made it seem like he raped her. If so, why is he still on the show? Its a reality show, there are camera’s everywhere, someone should know what happened and be able to show it? Not throwing innuendo all over that sounds horrible. Obviously she wants attention because it was supposed to be a secret then all of a sudden she’s telling the new ppl at a party twice??!!! And you say it in front of his girl & you’re talking like you know for sure that what you said would kill their relationship??? No I call BS!

  3. Polygraphs are extremely accurate. The main reason that they are not admissible in court is because of the rare possibility of a component glitch to put it simply. Gg passed the polygraph, she is 100 percent telling the truth. Sorry people! Luckily for Mike, Jessica doesn’t have the backbone to educate herself on polygraphs. Jessica you were so fixated on marrying this liar, congratulations. Now don’t bitch when you have to deal with the lifetime of lies ahead of you.

  4. It’s easy to pass a lie detector. My son has done it for a past job he had. He always passed and lied on the same question each time. Let’s not forget gg failed the first test. Lie detectors are not acceptable in court because they are not reliable!

    1. True. But I think you’re giving GG too much credit. She can’t even get a real job let alone learn how to pass a lie detector test. And she didn’t fail. It was inconclusive which isn’t a pass or fail. Also if she tried cheating, a professional would be able to determine if she did during the test.

      1. It doesn’t take a genius to pass the test. She’s a snake in my opinion and was probably prepped before the test. She has had a crush on Mike since season 1. And I truly believe she would do anything to break them up. She has no story line other than her knives and bad behavior. GG and MJ are masters at stirring the pot and will do anything to hurt their so called friends. Her last boyfriend,Sean has a restraining order against her. She is vicious and a vindictive person. I don’t believe a word she says. I think it was the other way around. She knew how drunk Mike was and took advantage of the situation just to use it against him. I don’t think Mike by any means is an angel either. But, GG is the devil’s spawn!

        1. Wow then your son must have a shot working for the CIA because i’ve never heard of an average joe passing so easily.

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