Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills Recap: Season 2 Finale


Tonight’s episode begins with EJ and his sister discussing the camping trip to Wyoming, and the drama with Jonny. EJ says Jonny got lapband surgery, and he’s considering getting it himself. Morgan and Brendan are having Brendan’s mom Karen over so they can talk to her about moving in together. Brendan’s mom is okay with it, and now all they have to worry about is convincing Morgan’s mom, Susan.

Dorothy’s mom is showing her mom her new necklaces, and is nervous since her mom is so critical. Her mom thinks they look great, which has Dorothy relieved. I love Dorothy’s mom. She’s so cool! Jonny is over at Morgan’s to talk about what’s been going on with him and all his lashing out. Jonny talks about how hard it was being the “gay, fat, kid” at school, and how he even contemplated suicide.

Poor Jonny has really had a tough life. I hope he gets the emotional help he needs. He could really help a lot of people who are dealing with those same struggles. Brendan is hanging out with Susan, and he wants to talk to her about moving in with Morgan. Susan doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but she supports them both.

Brendan is getting his hair transplant, and he tells Morgan how hard its been since people on social media tell him things like, “If you are so rich, then why can’t you get your hair fixed?” Social media can be cruel. I hope this really works for him.

Brendan’s procedure looks painful, and he amazingly can’t even feel anything. I can’t wait to see how Brendan looks once he has his new hair. The gang is all getting together to feast and see Brendan’s new growing weave. EJ reveals that he’s decided to go through with the weight loss surgery, and the gang toasts to hair and being skinny!

Well that’s it for season 2! I hope our favorite rich kids return for a third season! We will be keeping you updated until then 🙂

What did you think of tonight’s season finale?

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