RHONJ Trail: Closing Arguments – Is Bobby Innocent Or Guilty?

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Closing Arguments: James Marchese vs. Robert Ciasulli

After hearing all the testimony seen at Mr. Housewife and reviewing all of the evidence provided by AllAboutTheTea, it can be seen why Mr. Marchese, and the viewing public, would find Robert Ciasulli guilty on all counts.

Visual evidence has shown Mr. Ciasulli taking part in famewhoring, fraudulent behavior and conspiracy.  Lets take one last look at the standing pieces:

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Mr. Ciasulli can be seen in the above photo visiting with Real Housewives of NY star Ramona Singer at a wine bottle signing, rubbing elbows with one of Bravo’s original ladies and adding to his collection of Housewives memorabilia.



Mr. Ciasulli has persistently stated that he has an authentic, loving relationship with fellow housewife Nicole Napolitano, however in the above photo the viewing audience can see him getting cozy with self-proclaimed “Poison” Joe Gorga.

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Lastly, after denying all involvement and knowledge about the first responders event this footage clearly gives reasonable belief that Mr. Ciasulli was well aware of the altercation that was to take place.

If found guilty, Robert Ciasulli will be sentenced to one full year of denouncing his manhood, dressing as a Real Housewife and publicly apologizing to Amber Marchese.

So what do you think? It Bobby guilty of the crime?

Disclaimer: We are not liable if any of the above causes you to laugh until you pee, or roll your eyes until your head falls off

3 thoughts on “RHONJ Trail: Closing Arguments – Is Bobby Innocent Or Guilty?”

  1. A couple pictures prove nothing. A whole video will be coming out showing exactly who James Marchese is and his fraudulent and criminal behavior. This video will blow you away and not just cause you to laugh at a real moron showing a couple photos.

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