RHONJ Reunion Part 2: Jim Marchese Steals The Show!


We start Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Reunion off with flashback scenes of Teresa Giudice in the first season. Teresa tells Andy that she’s changed for the better. These old scenes are really sad. Teresa admits she was happy Dina came back on the show because she thought things would go back to the fun times she used to have. Andy asks if Teresa thinks the show hurt her, and she says it wasn’t the show, but more the people who came on the show — other housewives, family, strangers, etc.

Dina tells Andy that Teresa is the strongest person she has ever known. I agree. Teresa is a warrior. Now to the fun part — Queen Milania! We get to see some of Milania’s finest moments, but of course the scenes turn sad when we see Teresa crying with her girls and Joe Giudice’s father who is now no longer with us. Teresa and Joe are defeated and it’s so sad to see. Melissa let’s Andy know that Joe Gorga had a great relationship with Joe Giudice’s dad also.

Teresa reveals Milania loves the camera and she gets along with SOME of the crew LOL We get to see more videos of Teresa’s girls throughout the years and it’s really amazing how we’ve all been there to watch them grow. Teresa admitted to Andy that her legal drama has effected her products.

Andy turns the questions to Joe and asks him if he’s closer to Teresa and Joe and basically his answer is no. Andy also asks if he blames Joe for what happened to Teresa and he pauses for a bit and just says, “It happened.” I’m surprised Andy is spending ANOTHER hour on Teresa’s legal drama considering he had just filmed a one-on-one special with her two days before the reunion. Give everyone a break already!

Teresa is not feeling all this talk about her sentencing and she is giving short answers. She tells Andy she didn’t understand her plea deal and Andy keeps poking with more questions the Giudices can’t talk about yet. Teresa wants her brother Joe to make sure he spends more time with her parents and he agrees to.

Now TeRESSSa gets her chance to do what she’s been waiting this whole reunion for — talk about how it’s Teresa’s fault for the rumor about her mom. Teresa doesn’t care what TeRESSSa has to say and even Andy is getting annoyed with her and shuts her down.

Andy uses that time to talk MORE about Teresa’s finances and how she hid certain assets from the judge. Teresa pretty much says she did not understand anything. Now it’s time for the twin’s segment. TeRESSSa says Rino never cheated on her, but he did date a stripper when they divorced.

Nicole and TeRESSSa admit they do fight even though they get along so well. Nicole shares that she’s still living with her parents because she doesn’t like change. I’m sorry, but you are wearing designer everything and living at home with mommy and daddy? That’s called hood rich, girlfriend.

Nicole says her and Bobby are in a good place and Andy asks when she thinks it would be an appropriate time for a ring…I think Bobby will only marry Nicole if she becomes a full-time housewife. Andy asks Amber for her thoughts on Bobby coming for money and Nicole dating him. Amber reveals that Nicole has always dated men with money so she’s not really surprised.

Speaking of money, Amber gets put in the hot seat with her comments regarding Melissa marrying for money and being a “gold digger.” Amber makes it clear that she never said Melissa was a gold digger and she thinks that she married Joe for all the right reasons.

Andy shares that he loves how Teresa sees the twins as the ways she used to be. Teresa thinks both twins are tough and can flip a table just like her. Teresa think Nicole is the sweeter twin LOL The topic turns to Bobby being a confirmed bachelor and Nicole admits Bobby being gay may have crossed her mind.

And the moment we’ve been waiting for….JIM MARCHESE! Andy gets right into it with Jim’s tweeting. Jim says if you go after him, he’ll destroy you! Dun! Dun! Dun! Jim explains his profession as NOT a lawyer and everyone looks confused, which is confusing since none of them have jobs except Rino and his restaurant and Nicole. Oh and Joe Gorga.

Now we get into the infamous fight and Nicole the home wrecker. Melissa says she feels really having that information about Nicole and not saying anything. Amber asks Melissa why she didn’t just tell her to her face instead of going behind her back and starting drama with the twins. Melissa doesn’t give Amber a good reason and Nicole says the man was separated and his kids were in college.

Amber reveals that Bobby wanted to be on the show so he started dating Nicole. Bobby of course is denying it all, but I don’t think Amber would lie about something like that. Jim then slays us all with evidence of Bobby being the housewives groupie that he is. IT’S BOBBY AT EVERY HOUSEWIVES EVENT on the East Coast LOL

Bobby’s excuse for being at book signings with all the housewives is because he just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Is he kidding? What about the picture of Ramona and her pinot? Andy switches the subject to the brawl and Amber calls out the twins for only being tough when they are with each other. Amber also calls out Bobby for putting her in that situation with the twins. She thinks Bobby knew that it was going to happen.

Andy asks Jim about the way he speaks to women. Jim explains that he treats everyone equally. Joe Gorga tries to act like he speaks so respectfully to women and Amber and Jim call him out for calling Teresa “garbage” and a “scum bag” on national TV. Melissa says it’s okay that Joe Gorga called Teresa names because that’s his sister. Oh and Joe reveals him calling his sister names is different because she used to throw his toys out the window LOLLLLLLL

That was it for part 2. Next week, part 3 of The RHONJ Reunion airs!

What did you think of part 2? Are you ready for this season to be over?

One thought on “RHONJ Reunion Part 2: Jim Marchese Steals The Show!”

  1. It’s seems that Jim is the one that really wanted to be a housewive. He hides behind his tag line” I’ll sue you” the minute any real men get close enough to squash him like the little cock roach. He’s an embarrassment to Bravo and The NJ Bar should reconsider letting someone that insinuated he was a lawyer take the exam.

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