RHONJ RECAP: Is Teresa Giudice Done With The Housewives?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Season 6

We start part 3 of this reunion right where we left off — Jim Marchese! We see the footage from the first responder’s party and Jim talks about what he meant when he said he couldn’t hangout with Joe Giudice. Jim admits that he regrets that part of the season because he thinks he would have gotten along great with both of the Joe’s. Melissa butts in and tries to be Andy Cohen and it’s just weird. She even tries telling Jim to “explain” himself regarding always being on Twitter. Girl sit down.

Joe Giudice is such a sweet teddy bear and he doesn’t even care what’s going on with the rest of the cast. He isn’t bothered by Jim’s comments and he seems like he understands. Melissa says that it’s totally normal to tell your sisters to go “eff themselves” and that’s what makes REAL family….Melissa please don’t speak on this topic. And what’s the end result of this? TeRESSSA is annoyed that Teresa Giudice’s name is being said like her name, TeRESSSA. Talk about being desperate for camera time.

Amber says that Jim does not speak to her the way he speaks to the other women and Jim and Amber both call Dina out for being more worried about bowling night than Amber just getting assaulted. When Teresa says that Jim would be the one to dance on her grave, he points out that it would actually be TeRESSSA.

Now onto Florida/Victoria Gotti drama. Melissa says she’s a fun bus when she’s not with her kids and Dina reveals she didn’t sleep with the pool boy. Motherf*cker gate ends and Jim is sitting there laughing. It’s hard not to laugh. LOL Jim says he didn’t take the rumor seriously so he treated it like the joke it was. TeRESSSA is going off about how everyone is dumb for even speaking of her beloved mom and I’m pretty sure NO ONE has talked about this rumor more than TERESSSA herself. Does she not get how that works? She had the power to not give this any life.

Teresa doesn’t care about this rumor and seems annoyed that TeRESSSA won’t let it go. She literally WONT. STOP. TeRESSSA keeps saying it’s “slander,” but obviously she would be suing if that was the case. Rino is telling Teresa why he was hurt by the Victoria Gotti rumor and he says she wished she would have just immediately says it wasn’t true.

Rino is mad that Jim repeated the rumor and the two go back and forth and Bobby jumps in. Jim tells Bobby that he needs to hide in the bathroom like a little bitch. Jim can’t stop laughing and it’s kind hilarious. I think Jim is the only one who doesn’t take this show seriously and the rest are so worried with trying to manipulate a reality show.

Bobby denies cheating on Nicole and says the women shacked up in one of his properties is a tenant. Nicole also comments on Bobby calling her “stupid” and she says that’s the last time Bobby will ever call her that. Bobby says he didn’t mean to call Nicole stupid, but that she was stupid for taking the bait Jim threw her.

Jim apologizes to TeRESSA and Rino and their family for even repeating the rumor and it is accepted. Jim also says that he doesn’t like how when it came to the rumor, Dina brought it up the most and tried to sit back and play innocent. I agree. At least say you were doing your job. Something tells me the twins don’t exactly get how reality tv works, which is why every little thing makes them go crazy.

Amber gets teary eyed when she tells Bobby she feels that he should have protected her instead of allowing half of the drama to happen. This friendship is over and it’s really sad to see. Even Teresa feels bad that this friendship is over because she knows how it feels. She says Jim and Bobby were like her and Jacqueline.

Teresa vs TeRESSSA! We see footage leading up to the showdown and it’s time to hash it out. TeRESSSA gets called out for her comments towards Teresa getting her karma. TeRESSSA thinks that Teresa likes her family being the center of attention and she was a little jealous of the twins’ family. Is she serious? TeRESSSA just sounds like a jackass. This topic is annoying and I’m sick of hearing about it.

Andy goes around and asks each of the ladies how they feel about the season. Dina says she’s not coming back and Teresa apologizes to her fans for her mistakes. Andy takes a stroll down memory lane and talks about where it all started — season 1.

Andy is being stupid and asking Teresa questions like “what are you gonna wear and eat” — really bitch? THAT’S what you’re thinking about right now? For once Teresa looks at him like he’s the brainless one and says she’s only worried about being with her daughters.

Andy is getting emotional talking with Teresa and it’s sad to see. Teresa says her proudest moment on the show was giving birth to Audriana. We get to see old clips of Teresa through the years and it’s really sad to see how bad things have gotten. Dina jokes that maybe one day Teresa, her, and Caroline will be on a cooking show together and in true Teresa fashion to let us all know she’s the queen says, “I don’t know about Caroline.” LOL That’s the Teresa we all fell in love with.

Part 3 is over and the RHONJ is left pretty much a mess. It’s hard to think of Bravo and not think of Teresa Giudice.

One thought on “RHONJ RECAP: Is Teresa Giudice Done With The Housewives?”

  1. Love this blog! It is sad seeing Teresa go. No matter what anyone says she was interesting to watch. From her spending money, flipping a table, getting bubbies, having a baby, chasing Danielle through a country club, pushing Andy back in his chair to getting called garbage by her own brother. The part of Teresa that made me like her was watching how she handled being the most hated housewife on the show. I would have turned Jacqueline Laurita crazy but she kept her head and focused on the family that loved her.

    Teresa was humbled and I think when the indictments hit, that even made her more humbled. I will admit there were times I cringed for Teresa when she would say things like, “Why is this happening to us?” I knew she was going to get bashed for what she said and the first to bash her would be the Wakile’s and Laurita’s! And, Melissa….. I think after what her family did to her made her skin thicker and she knew that the only people to listen to were the people who loved her. See, that’s one thing I learned from watching the “Rise and Fall of Teresa Giudice” AKA RHONJ! I hope Teresa will be able to support her daughters after she’s released from prison. Maybe then she can “Rise” again!

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