RHONJ Recap: The Drama Heats Up When Jim Marchese Accuses Bobby Of Cheating On Nicole Napolitano!


Back in Florida the ladies wake up after their night of bonding and drinking to get ready for a boat ride in the Everglades.  Later that afternoon Bobby, Amber, Jim, and Joe are coming down so this is their last morning together.  Dressed in heels and full make-up the ladies head out.  On the bus, Teresa says Rino will not be joining them because he wants to stay away from Jim and the drama he brings.

The women pet baby alligators and even see some real, full grown alligators in the water.  After a free and fun-filled morning they head back to the house to wait for the others…and what looks like a whole lot of drama!

Back in Jersey, Teresa is coloring with Audriana when Joe comes in and tells his wife he received a text message from Chris Laurita.  He was thinking about them and wanted to see if Joe wanted to get together for a bottle of wine.  He seems like he wants to try to rekindle the friendship, but Teresa is not as into it.  She isn’t sure she can fully trust Jacqueline after the things she said about Joe.  I don’t blame Teresa at all, Jac is a nasty fighter who will say and do anything when she feels wronged.  Teresa has way too much else going on to bring that back into her life.

Over at Jacqueline’s house, Chris and Jac are working with Nick on his reading and speaking.  Nick is absolutely adorable and the Laurita’s should be proud with how much progress he has made.

Kathy, Richie and Rosie head over to the new house to discuss future building plans.  Rosie confides in Kathy that she is sad and unhappy in her relationship.  Kathy invites her over for a family dinner so she can relax and have a good time.

While packing for Florida, Amber and Jim have some wine.  Amber seems really excited to get her vacation started and isn’t thinking about any potential drama.  Jim brings up the rumor originated from Victoria Gotti and Amber brushes it off, telling him she isn’t going to think about it or speak about it and just enjoy her time.

Over in Florida, the ladies return from the excursion to find Joe and Bobby in the pool.  Melissa and Nicole are happy to see their men.

Later that night, Bobby talks about how Rino doesn’t want to come because of Jim.  Joe can’t understand how so many people can have so many issues with one person.  In their car on the way to the house, Amber seems excited to start her vacation and is ready to apologize and move forward with Bobby.  She seems optimistic that the friendship between Jim and Bobby can be mended, which is sad being the rest of the house is already anticipating the worst.

When Amber and Jim arrive there is immediate tension.  Jim and Bobby do not speak or say hello.

The Giudice family heads over to Joe’s brother Pete’s house for a family dinner.  It is so nice to see so many loving moments between Joe and his father, especially since he passed this year.  Teresa says she feels safe with Joe’s family because they don’t ask questions about her situation.

At Kathy’s house, Rosie announces she is no longer with Ellen and thanks god for her family.  It’s a great moment and so nice to see her family sharing such a loving meal.  Of course that is short lived.  Leave it to Richie to ask his mother in law her thoughts on Teresa and Joe’s criminal case to which she replies they shouldn’t have done anything wrong.  The Wakile family vows to pray for their situation.

Dina offers to give Amber a tour while Jim makes small talk with Joe.  Bobby stands behind Jim making faces.  Outside, Dina tells Amber that she knows about the Rino rumor and almost told the twins the night before.  Amber tells Dina she has no plans to speak about the rumor and doesn’t want to get involved at all.  Dina agrees.

Inside, Jim is talking to the twins, Melissa and Joe about his relationship with Amber.  The twins say they can really appreciate how much Jim loves his wife and how Amber always has his back.  Jim gets up to find Amber while the group continues to talk about relationships.  Nicole says while Bobby disagrees, she believes in love at first site.  This prompts Bobby to angrily jump up and go to their bathroom.  Nicole follows him when he tells her she is so stupid and that he will leave.  Nicole gets upset and walks back into the living room where she talks to Jim.

Jim tells Nicole that Bobby is a great guy and was his friend for a long time but that he needs to grow up.  Nicole disagrees and gets annoyed that Jim would speak poorly about Bobby.  The conversation quickly gets heated and Jim tells Nicole that Bobby has spoken badly about her family.  Amber tries to shut Jim up, but when he continues she says she is done and walks away.  Dina follows her and consoles Amber, telling her there is nothing she can do.

With Nicole crying, Teresa is mad.  She heads out into the living room to confront Jim about making Nicole upset.  Jim tells Teresa that everything he said was true and that Bobby has been financing a condo for a girl on the side the entire time he’s been dating Nicole.  Teresa, Joe, and Melissa are shocked,

Upstairs, Amber is crying and trying to talk to Bobby about coming out of the bathroom when Nicole storms upstairs demanding him to get out and explain why Jim would say Bobby spoke badly about her family.  Amber tries to calm Nicole down and says Jim was just very angry with Bobby.  Bobby decides to go confront Jim.

Joe Gorga pulls Jim away and tells him to knock it off.  Back in the living room Teresa is screaming to Jim to grow a pair of balls.  Amber tells Jim she wants to leave.

Next week the fight escalates when Jim tells Teresa about the rumor between Rino and her mother, while the twins gang up on Dina!

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