RHOBH Recap: Everyone Is Getting Along With Each Other EXCEPT Brandi Glanville!


The rich bitches are back! We start tonight’s premier episode off with Kyle getting ready for her annual white party! Kyle’s parties have gotten so huge, but Mauricio is killing it right now in real estate so she can afford it.

Brandi is meeting with Yolanda to go to the beach and of course David is there to play his few keys on the piano. Yolanda sees someone selling merchandise on her property and she handles it in such a classy manner and let’s the man stay for the day.

Yolanda reveals that Gigi (her daughter) is doing so amazing in her modeling career and she is the new face of Tom Ford. Yolanda’s kids are so annoyingly perfect, it’s unfair! Brandi is “homeless” for the umteenth time and she tells Yolanda she is moving into another rental. Brandi also says she wants to be positive this year and all I can think is, “Let’s see how long this lasts.”

Brandi wants to move forward with Lisa but I think that’s only because she knows she’s going to be the outsider this season. Moving on with Brandi always has its catch. Lisa is meeting Kyle for lunch and the two of them discuss their tiff a little but ultimately decide to move on. Lisa thinks the key to them moving forward is to not ever bring up what happened, and Kyle adds that Lisa should also not talk behind her back.

I think Lisa and Kyle genuinely love each other, but they are scared to fully trust each other in fear of getting turned on, on camera. Kyle calls Lisa Rinna (new housewife) and Lisa is just so fabulous. Lisa R. is picking up her daughters and she gives us a little background on her successful career.

Lisa and Ken are getting ready to go to Kyle’s party and Ken is hesitant about going. Lisa feels good about it since she has since made up with both Kyle and Yolanda. Brandi is also getting ready for the white party with her pocket gays and she is nervous about seeing all the ladies she’s pissed off. Brandi starts shit and then gets acts like a victim. It’s tiring and I think all the women are over it.

It’s time for the white party! The guests are arriving and everyone looks amazing. All the season 1 & 2 ladies are at the party and you can feel the energy! These ladies are meant to be together. Brandi arrives and she is the obvious outsider. She says hello to all the other ladies and she is shaking.

Brandi is annoyed that all the other women are laughing and having a good time and she’s pissed that nobody is bending over backwards for her. What does Brandi expect? She’s tried to maliciously hurt each one of these women. Kim finally shows up and I haven’t even realized that she hasn’t been in this entire episode LOL

Lisa R. and her husband arrive and she fits right in with the other ladies. Lisa R. seems like she is going to be A LOT of fun this season and I am excited for it! Brandi pulls Adrienne aside to talk to her and before she can bring up everything, Adrienne stops her and tells her it’s not the time and place to get into it. Brandi knows that she’s done wrong and she feels lost without a “TEAM.” Brandi doesn’t know how to function without a team.

Brandi says that there’s negative energy at the party, but she’s the only one being negative. She’s making fun of the ladies and saying they are “old” which is hilarious since Brandi is old too! She thinks because she wears little clothes that, that makes her young. LOL

All the ladies continue having a good time and leave happy, EXCEPT Brandi.

Next week, Brandi meets with Adrienne for a one-on-one sit down!

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Do you think the ladies should trust Brandi?

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