RHOA Recap: The Ladies All Come Together To Discuss The Drama!


Let’s get to it. Tonight’s episode we see Kenya at Claudia’s new apartment that has no furniture yet. Claudia wants Kenya to help her put together DIY drawers and we all know that isn’t gonna happen. LOL

Kandi visits her old home that she gave her mom and her and Todd are surprised to find the house completely ruined in the inside. Kandi’s mom was supposed to be paying for renovations, but of course she just let someone take everything apart and leave it that way.

Todd is annoyed that Kandi never puts her foot down with Mama Joyce and Kandi doesn’t wanna hear it because that’s her Mama and she’ll never be able to get her thumb out of her mouth and stand up to her. Over at Cynthia’s her mom and sister Mallory are asking what’s going on with her friendship with NeNe.

Cynthia pretty much says NeNe has been talking crap about her to all and any blog out there and she is not capable of having a normal sit down with a friend like Cynthia would like.

Kandi is catching up with Phaedra and Kandi tells Phaedra about Kenya crying over the women still not believing her. Phaedra doesn’t care and she is a coward. Shame on Phaedra. She knows Kenya doesn’t want her man, but it’s easier for her to keep the “Kenya The Whore” charade going on, vs just saying sorry.

NeNe is teaching her son to drive and he’s doing as good of a job as any 15 year old does when they’re learning. NeNe tells Gregg about all the girls coming together to sit down and clear the air. NeNe says she’s never called Kenya a whore so she doesn’t owe her an apology. NeNe basically wants the ladies to all forget what she said and move on. We’ll see how that goes.

Claudia and Kenya are working out together and Claudia discusses her not-so great relationship with her mom. Claudia says she’s closer to her grandma and Kenya can relate. I love the friendship between these two. They talk about what’s really going on with each other instead of just spending the whole time gossiping about the other girls.

Kandi is meeting up with her aunts and she tells them what her mom did to her old house. They are shocked and they agree with Kandi. Kandi says that her mom would have flipped out if Todd did that to her house, and basically calls Mama Joyce a hypocrite since she had a man living in HER home with her.

The ladies are all meeting up and everyone is quiet. Kenya starts things off by saying how she felt when the ladies tried to disregard Apollo telling the truth. Phaedra is mad that Kenya is vindicated and she gives Kenya this half-ass apology.

Phaedra is wrong. She knows she’s wrong. Kudos to Kandi for trying her best to stick up for Kenya to the other ladies. Kandi has been the only one to point out that they were all wrong for even believing Apollo. After that beef is settled, Kandi brings NeNe’s and Cynthia’s friendship. NeNe says she is able to have a conversation but completely forgets saying that and yells at Cynthia and talks over her.

NeNe pretty much says that Cynthia owes her everything and reminds her that she has done nothing wrong. I don’t know exactly what happened between these two and neither do the other ladies.

Next week we see the drama continue as Cynthia and NeNe both try and mend their friendship.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

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