RHOA RECAP: Cynthia Bailey VS Porsha Williams!


Tonight’s episode starts off with Kenya and her Aunt Lori. She’s giving Lori an update on her relationship with the girls and she tells her what happened with Apollo finally admitting to lying about her trying to get at him. Kandi, Porsha, and Phaedra are meeting but before Phaedra shows up, Kandi updates Porsha on why she wasn’t invited to Cynthia’s Ebony Magazine party.

Lori is telling Kenya she needs to forgive Porsha and be the bigger person. I like Lori. She really does try and give Kenya the best advice possible and encourages her not to be petty. Phaedra finally arrives to meet the girls and Kandi immediately starts filling in Phaedra on what happened. Phaedra is shocked that Apollo apologized to Kenya. She is also shocked to learn that Kenya never offered Apollo any sexual acts.

Phaedra admits that she owes Kenya an apology, but we’ll see if that happens. Cynthia is talking to Peter about the Apollo/Kenya situation and she thinks Phaedra is just as much at fault as Apollo is, which I agree. Phaedra tried to take the focus off her own drama to keep telling everyone that Kenya was a whore. Cynthia tells Peter that she’s over Porsha bad mouthing her and trying to act like NeNe.

I don’t get these girls. They want Cynthia to have an opinion but when she does, they are mad because she doesn’t side with them. Cynthia just looks fed up and I’m happy she’s not taking crap from anyone! Claudia and Kenya are shopping for furniture for Claudia’s place. Claudia is smart, beautiful, and successful — AKA all the things that NeNe hates in the new housewives LOL

Claudia and Kenya have been friends for 10 years and you can tell why they get along. They are both wild and fun. While furniture shopping Claudia lets us know she’s had sex so wild that her tooth has fallen out LOLLLL NeNe is over at Porsha’s house to talk crap about the girls and then leave. NeNe says she’s so busy, but I know it’s not acting in Hollywood considering her IMDB STILL only has two jobs on her list.

Porsha tells NeNe about Cynthia’s event and she’s making fun of her pageants and casting calls that she has for the Bailey Agency. Porsha is being so childish. Porsha mentions that Claudia was at the party and NeNe is annoyed that Claudia is in Atlanta. NeNe is so not a girls girl, it’s really sad.

After hearing that Apollo lied, NeNe doesn’t care. She thinks Apollo is ridiculous and Kenya deserves it. Kenya does deserve an apology. Apollo is meeting with the only divorce attorney in Atlanta, Randy Kessler. He starts talking about how embarrassing it would be to work at McDonald’s considering he’s a season pass holder. Umm.. shouldn’t he be more embarrassed that his dumb ass didn’t learn his lesson a SECOND time around?

Phaedra is swimming with her kids and they are so cute. Over at Kandi’s, Todd’s daughter Kayla is moving in and she is sitting in the living room with them and Kandi’s daughter, Riley. Riley is being very standoffish and rude to Kayla. The only time Riley decides to speak up is when she shades Kayla for staying out till 2:00 a.m. AND not being college. Riley is being rude and I would be embarrassed if my child was acting like that towards her stepsister.

It’s here. The SIT-DOWN! Porsha finally arrives to meet Cynthia after making her wait for over an hour. Cynthia is annoyed and is over Porsha already. Porsha is trying to get her feelings across, but Cynthia isn’t trying to hear any of it. Porsha thinks that Cynthia is a “flip flopper,” and Cynthia isn’t letting Porsha get away with telling her anything.

Cynthia tells Porsha that she allows everyone else to call her dumb and she’s okay with it, but when Cynthia has an issue — Porsha wants to boss up. I agree. Remember when NeNe made Porsha cry and Porsha did NOTHING except kiss her butt some more? Cynthia is over this conversation and doesn’t care about Porsha so she leaves.

Next week, the drama continues!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Whose side are you on? Porsha’s or Cynthia’s?

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