Reza Farahan Says NONE Of The Shahs Are Missing Lilly Ghalichi!

reza and lilly

Bye Felicia! At least that is what Reza Farahan is saying about ex Shahs Of Sunset castmember, Lilly Ghalichi!

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Reza dishes that he DOES not miss Lilly! Reza also revealed that he thinks new co-star Asifa Mirza is a better fit for the show since she’s “a little bit more honest” about what going on in her life!

See what he said below

“Bye Felicia. Ain’t nobody misses Lilly. I’m gonna keep it real. No one misses her. She [G.G.] has a friendship with Lilly still but if you took [the group as] a whole, no one’s missing Lilly.”

Reza continued by saying the newest Shahs cast member, Asifa Mirza, is a better choice than Lilly

“Asifa is definitely more engaging. She’s real,” he stated. “She seems like she’s open and a little bit more honest about what’s going on in her life.”

I’m not surprised about what Reza had to say. Most of the cast confronted Lilly about hiding behind all that makeup and glamour and not being real. What do you think? Do you miss Lilly?

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