Reality Ashhole EXCLUSIVE: VH1 Is Regretting Their Decision To Bring Karen Gravano Back To Mob Wives!


Uh-oh! It looks like VH1’s brilliant decision to bring Karen Gravano back to the hit show, Mob Wives, is not exactly working out! Reality Ashhole EXCLUSIVELY

spoke to a source close to the cast, and they had the following to say about what’s been said about Karen’s return.

“VH1 regrets bringing Karen back. They feel that since bringing Karen back, she has made the show go backwards with her trashy behavior. They want the girls to all be able to have fun and film together with of course drama, but not the kind that Karen thinks makes “good TV.”

How do you feel about Karen returning to Mob Wives? Do you think she should have came back after she was humiliated and fired?

5 thoughts on “Reality Ashhole EXCLUSIVE: VH1 Is Regretting Their Decision To Bring Karen Gravano Back To Mob Wives!”

  1. Well, did’nt they kinda have to kiss Karen’s a$$ to bring her back? Besides, Renee needed a “friend” cuz no one else wanted to be bothered with Renee or vise versa!

  2. I was Karen’s worse critic for all three seasons, believe this .. But she DOES make for good TV, and I know the ratings needed a boost; jenn NEEDS Karen! And Lovely Givan is correct; renee the Grinch has no back up and couldn’t hold the show up lol I also understand Alicia is guest appearing, and she n Karen don’t get along..good TV ~ but I LOVE the Philly Ladies n give Kudos to Natalie for standing up to renee regardless her sister is a producer. She’s playing the game well

  3. If vh1 has regrets they should have regrets bout all of them singel out karen get real all have the same thing in common vh1 is full of balony they r makin money on all of them

  4. The philly girls r spoiled roten natily can’t go to a club with out getin punched in the face from a guy don’t fk with the working man she’s not all that realy

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