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As soon as casting rumors began swirling around for season 6 of Real Housewives of New Jersey, The Wakiles were VERY upset when it got around that they were demoted. In fact, Richard Wakile spent his days on Twitter denying the rumors and trying to lead fans that they would both be returning as full-time castmates. Well, now that Andy Cohen has released his book “The Andy Cohen Diaries,” we know that they were both lying.

Before we get into our EXCLUSIVE, check out a couple of excerpts from Andy’s book about the Wakiles below

September 17, 2013

“I spent forty-five minutes on the phone with one of their husbands who was begging for his wife’s job back, saying they have no backup plan, and I was telling him he never should have banked on this as his career.”

September 19, 2013

“Today’s Housewife psychodrama involved me on the phone with someone in the throes of being demoted from full Housewife to recurring role. She wanted to be in the opening titles and I had to tell her no. She wanted to be in every episode, and I couldn’t guarantee that either. Her husband was on the call, of course. At one point he said, ‘We pay our taxes, unlike some of your other non-tax-paying Housewives.’ Good for you!”

October 6, 2013

“I saw Kathy and Rich Wakile tonight at the show and Rich kept making jokes about me throwing them away in the trash, because Kathy isn’t going to be a ‘full’ Housewife this season. I explained to Kathy that I couldn’t put her in the show opening because it would cause big problems with other Housewives. Everybody wants to be in the show open.”

Reality Ashhole EXCLUSIVELY spoke to someone close to production and they had the following to say about the Wakiles

Our source revealed

“The Wakiles are very desperate to stay on the show. They don’t care if they have to fight with Teresa (Giudice) or anyone else now to stay on. Even this season if you notice at the First Responder’s Party, they kept moving to where all the fighting is happening and just stood there just to be on camera. When Kathy met with Teresa in the deleted ‘dictionary’ scene, Kathy was hoping she could get Teresa to flip out like she normally does so she could prove to Bravo that they need her back on the show.”

“Kathy was especially pissed at Melissa Gorga for hardly filming with her because Melissa was the reason why she got so much camera time in past seasons. With Melissa getting along with Teresa, there wasn’t really anything juicy for them to talk about. Kathy filmed with Jacqueline because Jacqueline was the only one who would gossip about Teresa in every scene with her.”

Our source also went on to talk about Rosie being on the show

“Kathy knows that Andy likes Rosie so they try using that to their advantage. Unfortunately, it became very clear that most viewers were over seeing Rosie too, especially since it was revealed she had to lie about having a girlfriend.”

Lastly, our source revealed the Wakile’s are hoping their new extravagant home will restore their jobs

“Kathy and Rich blamed Teresa for people thinking they lived in a crappy house and didn’t live a fancy lifestyle like the rest of the ladies. Caroline Manzo wasn’t flashy like the other girls, but she had the big house and cars. Kathy and Rich think by building this bigger home Bravo and Sirens will want Kathy back as a full-time housewife.”

Would you like to see Kathy, Rich, and Rosie return for season 7?

5 thoughts on “REALITY ASHHOLE EXCLUSIVE: Kathy And Rich Wakile DESPERATE To Stay On RHONJ!”

  1. Hell no if I never saw these three vile disgusting gutter rats again I’ll be one happy women

    watching them is like watching paint dry I’m hoping Andy & Bravo gets rid of them completely.

    I remember Dick sending me a tweet stating that Andy & every1 at bravo loves them they make the show & they’ll never sack or demote them.

    I replied keep dreaming idiot you’ll be gone by a blink of an eye the following season Komakathy was made a friend so I tweeted Dick, first time ever he didn’t reply anything usually he replies with a vulgar tweet

  2. If it weren’t for Teresa, these two delusional morons would still have yellow teeth and a crooked nose! Rich let his housewife fame go to his head. He’ll be 90 y.o. asking, “Did Andy call about the contracts yet? Does he know we’re willing to bash Teresa and Joe?” Desperation is uncomfortable to watch, especially when it’s a rude, crude, repulsive pig like Rich!

  3. NO! I hope I never see ugly and uglier again!! Katfish said in her Bravo interview that they “planned” for this new monstrosity of a house they are building.. but then told Andy on a call that they had NO back up plan!! WTF?? LIARS.

  4. If they had wanted to stay on the show, she should have had her creep husband keep his mouth shut. As soon as he told the world she tasted like fish, we were done with his disrespectful ass. Also, for her to accept that as if it was funny, made her look dirty. No wonder her cannoli’s and book does not sell.

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