Reality Ashhole EXCLUSIVE: Has Mob Wives Star Alicia DiMichele Been Filming Scenes For The New Season?!


There has been much speculation and talk about whether or not Mob Wives star, Alicia DiMichele is returning to the hit show OR if she’s been filming scenes with some of the cast members —

Well, Reality Ashhole spoke EXCLUSIVELY to several people and sources close to production, and they tells us why Karen Gravano was brought back, as well as what’s the real status with Alicia and the show!

“Karen was fired last year and the ONLY reason she is back this year is because Alicia resigned after last season to spend time with her kids and to focus on her case. Alicia has NOT filmed at all this season, but she still gets called to, and they are still trying to get her back on the show.”

The source went on to say,

“Alicia was the only wife with a ‘real’ mob case that was currently on the show. She’s now on probation and that’s exactly why they want her back on the show. They want to keep up the true meaning of the show, which is how a mob wife/woman holds it down and gets through it for the sake of her kids.”

Well I’m sure going to miss Alicia and her boys being on the show. Thoughts on Karen coming back? Would you return to a job that fired you? Vote in our poll below

2 thoughts on “Reality Ashhole EXCLUSIVE: Has Mob Wives Star Alicia DiMichele Been Filming Scenes For The New Season?!”

  1. This news makes me sad but your children do come first. Dont think I am going to be able to watch it with Karen on it. Ill watch a bit and see what Natalie is up to. Without Alicia or Natalie, this show wouldnt be worth tuning in.

  2. The show ain’t worth watching without AliciaDiMichele. She’s really the only TRUE BLUE MOBWIFE…MAN, FUCK MOBWIVES NOW..KAREN SUCKS, RENEE SUCKS, & SO DOES JENN GRAZIANO..I WON’T BE WATCHING.

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