RA EXCLUSIVE: Jenn Graziano EDITED OUT What Victoria Gotti REALLY SAID About Karen Gravano!

jenn graziano

SNEAKY! Jenn Graziano is known for being the master manipulator behind all the drama in the hit show Mob Wives, but now she’s getting even shadier with the editing! On last week’s episode, Mob Legend, Victoria Gotti appeared in another scene with Big Ang and Renee Graziano. Well, what looked like a simple lunch with Renee being “SO LOYAL” — was fake!

Our VH1 sources EXCLUSIVELY tell Reality Ashhole that Jenn Graziano had ALL the bad stuff Victoria said about Karen Gravano and her family taken out!

Our source says,

“Jenn is a snake. Victoria had NOTHING nice to say about Karen or Sammy the rat. He put her dad in jail and she was very vocal about that. So Renee LIED. Shocker. She did sit there and listen to Victoria say bad things about her ‘friend’ Karen.”

Our source also tells us that Jenn LIES to VH1 and tries to act like she’s apart of the mob life!

“Jenn will tell VH1 that they can’t use certain things because of the “mob lifestyle” and says that it’s “code” all to protect her sister Renee and Karen. She’ll tell them that they can’t air this or that and it’s all a bunch of BS. NONE of those women are in the mob so her saying that is stupid.”

Not surprised by any of this. All the women have called Jenn Graziano a shady bitch one time or another. I’m more surprised VH1 hasn’t fired her yet.

3 thoughts on “RA EXCLUSIVE: Jenn Graziano EDITED OUT What Victoria Gotti REALLY SAID About Karen Gravano!”

  1. It’s because it’s her show. I thought it was strange that Victoria was taking the side of Renee & making Ang look bad! And Renee was gloating about it!

  2. Jenn does not work for vH1, she owns the production company (Just Jenn Productions) that films Mob Wives. If VH1 dropped the show, Jenn could easily take her franchise to another network.

    I am doubting if you really have a source. I hope you’re not like some of the other that make them up.

  3. If you followed Carla Facciolo’s twitter last year then learning that Jennifer Graziano is the Queen of manipulations will come as no surprise . Carla laid it out for anyone to read and she also showed how Jennifer is quite a whiz at setting people up. She did it to Drita & Karen and is now doing it to Natalie Guercio! Dont be fooled! Jennifer is a supreme puppet master and will use all the shady editing methods at her disposal to make her sister look good.

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