Porsha Williams “Blindsided” By Being Demoted; Producers Were FED UP With Her Behavior!


Today Porsha Williams expressed how appreciative she was for the support from fans about her departure from RHOA, but it seems it is her own fault why she is no longer a part of the hit show!

According to TMZ, Porsha was blindsided by her demotion, but Bravo had, had enough with her behavior!

“Porsha revealed she was ‘blindsided’ by her demotion saying she’s only capable of being herself because ‘portraying anything else, would not be genuine nor honest.’ And while she’s happy to still have a role on the RHOA she’ll focus on her career and a new love.”

Porsha Williams was demoted to being a friend of housewives after filming had begun because producers once again got fed up with her behavior.

Sources say, Bravo had intended Porsha to be a main castmember this season even after her fight with Kenya Moore.

But when filming began, Bravo tried to get Porsha and Kenya to talk things out, but the two ended up almost fighting again. Porsha also went after new castmember Claudia Jordan.

Porsha also kept the show at a distance and wouldn’t reveal certain parts of her life, leaving producers with no story to tell.

Demetria McKinney is a newcomer on the show who got her full-time position stolen by Claudia Jordan, who was only supposed to be a part-time cast member, but she did so well this season!

Will you be missing Porsha on RHOA?

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