PHOTOS: Snooki Debuts Baby Giovanna!

It has been a month since Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Giovanna and she is ready for her big debut! Nicole posted pictures of her little girl on her site and they are too cute!So why the wait?  According to Nicole she shared pictures of her son Lorenzo at just 5 days old so she decided to wait a little longer with Giovanna, check it out!

FINALLY I’m showing you guys what my baby girl looks like. I wanted to wait a while just because with Lorenzo I shared his pictures when he was 5 days old so with this one I just wanted to wait a little bit. She literally is so beautiful, she looks just like Lorenzo when he was born and you know the doctors put her on my stomach and I looked at her and said holy crap this looks like Lorenzo’s twin. And it brought me back to when I had Lorenzo and I honestly just felt like I HAD Lorenzo as a newborn again and it was such a cool feeling. Spitting image of Lorenzo but she definitely changed, her face is starting to fill out and she’s getting chubbier. She’s starting to look a little bit more like mama. I feel like she definitely looked like her father when she was born but now she’s definitely starting to look like me, so that’s good news. Obviously you want your girl to look like you and you want your boy to look like your father. Lorenzo has good genes with me and Jionni so he kind of looks like both of us, but with Giovana I feel like she definitely looks like me. I’m really excited that you guys finally get to see my daughter Giovanna Marie LaValle. She is beautiful and I’m definitely going to be uploading a lot more pictures of her, trust me. I’m obsessed with her!

Nicole-Snooki-Polizzi-Family-Album-with-Baby-Giovanna-Lorenzo-Jionni-Halloween-costumes-6-435x580 Nicole-Snooki-Polizzi-Family-Album-with-Baby-Giovanna-Lorenzo-Jionni-Halloween-costumes-3-580x386 Nicole-Snooki-Polizzi-Family-Album-with-Baby-Giovanna-Lorenzo-Jionni-Halloween-costumes-4-435x580



Nicole has come such a long way since her Jersey Shore days and has a gorgeous family to prove it!

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