PHOTOS: Lisa Vanderpump Attracts A-List Clientele At New Restaurant PUMP!

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Beverly Hills royalty Lisa Vanderpump is known for being an excellent host, and over the weekend Lisa further proved that point by giving up her table to one of the hottest A-list stars in Hollywood!Jennifer Lawrence arrived at PUMP on Saturday night with a group of girlfriends to celebrate a birthday.  Without a reservation and unrecognized, the actress was seated outside at a table that faced the main road rather than the beautiful garden inside.  Hearing this, Lisa Vanderpump gave up her table to the girls so they could enjoy their night out – she even sent over complimentary drinks!

With Lisa’s gratitude the girls had a great time; they even posted photos on Instagram with #teamlisa in the caption – check it out!

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Looks like PUMP is doing great!  Not too much of a surprise though, by now Lisa knows what is takes to make the client happy!

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