NeNe Leakes Knows DAMN Well Who Claudia Jordan Is!

nene and claudia

Oh NeNe! When are you going to learn that the internet is forever and the things you say on Twitter (no matter how long ago you posted them) can ALWAYS be brought to the light. NeNe Leakes has been seen in a preview episode acting like she doesn’t really know who new cast member Claudia Jordan is, BUT a tweet from 2009 proves she’s been knowing of Ms. Jordan!

Check it OUT!



Claudia is beautiful and accomplished and we all know those are two things NeNe doesn’t like on this show.

2 thoughts on “NeNe Leakes Knows DAMN Well Who Claudia Jordan Is!”

  1. Difference between KNOWING someone and KNOWING OF someone. She may know of Claudia by name, face or hearing of things she did but that doesn’t mean she knows her; hung out, talked on phone, partied, invited to family events etc….KNOW the difference.

  2. Everyone “knows of” Claudia from tv, twitter etc. The only people that “know” her are her family & close friends. Are her and Nene close friends….I don’t think so. Claudia should focus on radio, her spot on RHOA and stop trying to come for Nene, it won’t work.

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