NeNe Leakes And Kenya Moore Weigh In On Pheadra’s Divorce!


It looks like NeNe and Kenya have different opinions again, but this time it is about co-star Pheadra’s pending divorce to her currently in jail husband Apollo.Both of the ladies have separately given their opinion on Pheadra’s situation, with NeNe showing support to Pheadra and Kenya thinking she is only following public opinion.

NeNe said of Pheadra’s divorce,

I think Phaedra should do whatever her heart tells her to do. If she wants to stay with Apollo until he comes back from prison, that is Phaedra’s decision.  Whatever goes on in Phaedra’s home is between her and Apollo – we don’t have to sleep with Apollo at night.

Kenya chimed in stating,

I think she feels like she might get some type of backlash if she files for divorce from Apollo so quickly.  I just think that she always acts out of ‘What is the public going to think if I do this or if I say this?  That’s probably why she hasn’t [filed for divorce]. The public’s opinion means more to her.

Do you think Kenya is right? Does Pheadra care too much about public opinion?  Or are you Team NeNe on this one?

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