Natalie Guercio Proves Natalie Didonato’s “Audio” Is A FAKE!


You can only lie so much until it catches up with you — and that seems to be the EXACT case of Natalie Didonato and her audio her “friend made.” Mob Wives star Natalie Guercio has been under fire all season because of an alleged “rat” recording provided by Mob Wives extra, Nat D.

Natalie has released a statement proving Nat D is lying by revealing what conversation with her ex was actually about and how if you listen to the audio you will hear a “whole bunch of nothing!” See what she had to say below


The recording that Natalie D showed off didn’t mention abuse not once. It was basically left up to the listener to make it whatever they wanted it to be.

Thoughts on Natalie’s statement?

5 thoughts on “Natalie Guercio Proves Natalie Didonato’s “Audio” Is A FAKE!”

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