Natalie Guercio Confirms Renee Graziano LIED About Her Overdosing!


Renee Graziano lying? Say it isn’t so! LOL

Natalie Guercio has finally responded to Renee’s disgusting “meth overdose” tweets about her — If you don’t remember, Renee tweeted at 3 in the morning that Natalie had overdosed and even tried covering her ass by saying she heard it from Radar Online, EXCEPT Radar never reported ANYTHING about Natalie overdosing.

Renee who is a known addict who refuses to get REAL help because being on reality TV is more important, deleted her tweets due to the backlash she was getting since fans saw EXACTLY what she was trying to do.

Renee is known for deflecting onto her co-stars her own problems so it wasn’t a shocker that she desperately tried to make this seem true.

Fast forward to now, Natalie has taken to her Twitter with the following response


It’s sad that these girls take it to the extreme just because they aren’t getting along on a freakin show! Thoughts on what Natalie had to say?

7 thoughts on “Natalie Guercio Confirms Renee Graziano LIED About Her Overdosing!”

  1. Figured this could not be true. Never heard of anyone overdosing on meth. Natalie would not look as good as she does if she was even an occasional user. She is a straight up chick!

  2. I agree with Lovely……bad news to do that to a person. I think it’s sick to make an effort to ruin a person…..

  3. Does Rene have any idea of how truly pathetic she comes across? Somebody close to her needs to help her see how transparent and pitiful she shows herself to be with these jealousy filled raves she’s spewing on social media in the middle of the night. Her behavior is classic addict : lie, deflect, deny. Rene, you’re not getting any younger. It’s more than time to retire the obnoxious diva behavior and live in some authenticity. It may be the only road to happiness you have left to travel.
    At any rate, people are wise to your game so stop embarrassing yourself and your poor son, ok? Think about it.

  4. I don’t think Renee started the rumour (if she did, she’s disgusting) and I certainly don’t think Natalie is on Meth… how ridiculous. Although, I don’t think Renee started the rumour, I think it’s inappropriate of her to tweet to the whole world about it considering she doesn’t consider herself a rat!! Tweeting/talking somebody’s business is a rat move and very disrespectful because, if it was true, and Natalie did have a problem with substance abuse as a former addict you should be helping the person, like reach out to them and say look ‘i heard this, don’t know if its true but I’m here if you need help’ You dont have to like the person, but you also shouldn’t about it to the world! Extremely surprised at Renee especially when she can relate to this type of situation!

  5. The Grazianos and Gravanos are all low lifes. I was not surprised that Renee would post such a horrible thing. Its so her! Natalie has to quit that show and get as far away from those women as possible. They bring out the worst in people! Natalie is gorgeous and if she was doing Meth you would see it in her face!

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