Natalie Guercio Calls Out Karen Gravano For LYING!


When season 5 of Mob Wives first premiered, we were introduced to Karen Gravano saying she didn’t like Natalie Guercio because Natalie attacked her on Twitter.

Now, Natalie reveals that isn’t true. Natalie confirmed on Twitter that she only started attacking Karen when Karen went after her and Alicia DiMichele! Check it OUT!


I remember when Karen attacked them first. She was bitter about being fired and she went after the new girls. I don’t know why Karen can’t just be honest about starting this drama herself.

2 thoughts on “Natalie Guercio Calls Out Karen Gravano For LYING!”

  1. I remember very well also. Natalie is telling the truth. I’m sure I may even have a copy of that tweet. Sure makes Karen and the Graziano bunch look like idiots. This is what turns me off on Mobwives. They lie so much and must not think their fans remember the truth.

  2. little young natalie guercio is fun and much prettier then fake ass karen gravano and i think she cool for telling karen like it is and i hope she keeps right in karen s fake ass lol karen saying about her fada and how new york is her town lol yeah right her fada is a psycho and karen was busted for the drugs thing now she wants to get in to licence to sale weed! lmao why dont she just grow up? better yet why dont she just go be a mother in arizona?

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