Natalie Didonato Gets EXPOSED For Using Frank D’Alfonso’s Name For FAME!


YOU ARE NOT RELATED! (Maury voice) One minute a scene Mob Wives “cast member” Natalie Didonato has finally been exposed for using a name and reputation of a family that she is NOT related to.

The family of the deceased Frank D’Alfonso have demanded that Natalie Identity Crisis (obviously not her last name but it’s hard to keep up with since she changes it every day) stop using their name to gain fame and attention.

Michele Martines told Fox 29’s Dave Schratwieser

“She (Natalie Sinatra) won’t let my father rest in peace. It’s going on 30 years and here comes this girl. This girl has nothing to do with us. I’ve never seen her. She has no relations to us at all. My father would probably be turning over in his grave. My father would not be happy about it.”

The D’Alfonsos also question why if Natalie Gotti was related, why didn’t she come to them and let them know she was joining Mob Wives and using their father’s name?

“How dare she not ask me my permission or introduce herself to me as a cousin. Maybe I would have welcomed her to know I had this long lost cousin,” said Ron Martines.

The lawyer for the D’Alfonso family Jim Leonard has stated that the production company has agreed to remove Frank D’Alfonso’s name from all future Mob Wives episodes. He says the family is grateful and feels vindicated.

Natalie Giancana agreed to do an interview with Fox 29 and of course canceled and has made ZERO attempt to reschedule.



I think Natalie needs to worry about her own lies instead of trying to “expose” everyone else. And shame on Jenn Graziano for being so desperate to find someone to fight with Natalie Guercio that she failed to get the FACTS first. I’m glad the D’Alfonso family has finally been able to get Casper the “cousin” from stop using their name.

5 thoughts on “Natalie Didonato Gets EXPOSED For Using Frank D’Alfonso’s Name For FAME!”

  1. Glad to see this. So many ppl have been down on Drita this season, when its Nat D that’s the unreal deal. But after this season, I’m done with the show.

  2. She is a disgusting pig and everything that she says is nothing ut a lie!!! She says nat g is a rat, well she is the biggest rat ever – ASK HER HOW MANY TIMES DHE NADE UP STORIES IN 3 towns ABOUT HER BOYFRIEND AND SENT HIM TO JAIL AND THEN WENT TO VISIT HIM EVERY WEEK!!! Talk about sick?? she Couldn’t stand that he would go back to his kids mother so she went to police and made up story after story!! Then calked his Po when he didn’t do what she wanted!! THATS THE REAL NAT DIDONATO OR NAT LAURIA – watch she uses different names to suite herself!!! SHES SICK

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