Natalie Didonato Does A HORRIBLE Job At Photoshopping Her Photos!

nat d

BUSTED! Mob Wives extra Natalie Didonato can’t seem to STOP overdoing it with the photoshop on ALL of her photos!

Natalie has claimed she is a model, but I find that really hard to believe considering she can’t post a single Instagram photo without using the Perfect 365 app for her face and other apps for her body!

Fans have actually called Natalie out for her bad photoshop skills but of course she makes sure to block and delete anyone who calls her out on her fraudulent behavior 🙂

Below you can see the corner of the window has that uneven wave due to her photoshopping her backside.


In the next photo Natalie used the Perfect 365 app where it gives you the option of making your eyes bigger and softening your face. Sadly Natalie just made herself look like the alien emoji.


I don’t know who Natalie thinks she’s fooling. We ALL know what her real face looks like and have seen her unfiltered mug on TV. What’s funny is that the edited photos look just as bad as her real face. I think she should try going on Botched to get her face fixed.

2 thoughts on “Natalie Didonato Does A HORRIBLE Job At Photoshopping Her Photos!”

  1. She has got to be the ugliest broad I ever seen… you should see her now her lips are so injected she looks like a clown. I’m so surprised she’s even a “MODEL”??? I guess u can do anything with money these days!!!!

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