Mob Wives Reunion EXCLUSIVE: The Junior High Girls Vs Drita Davanzo And Brittany Fogarty!


Okay so I’m just gonna get to it cause I’ve been promising you all this for your whole life already. Just know that none of the spoilers are in order of how it happened (obviously) and I will be putting some of the same stuff I already shared EXCLUSIVELY with you on Twitter so that way it’s all here in one place.

– Big Ang was there.

– Drita tried attacking Karen as soon as she arrived to the warehouse but of course was stopped by security.

-There was no host. So producer Adam directed what the girls talked about and yelled at them every time they went off topic.

– The reunion was shot at the warehouse where the sit-down happened during this season.

– The girls were all separated in a hotel where they were each given their own video with certain clips to watch and piss them off before the reunion started.

– Ang filmed first and left early because she wasn’t feeling well.

– The OG’s filmed first while Brittany and Marissa were still at their hotel.

– During the filming, the girls were all telling Drita how Ang told them how she was talking about them and Drita basically told them to STFU since Ang wasn’t there to defend herself.

– Carla brought up the woman Drita fought (Scary Mary) and told Drita how Mary told them all how much Drita talked about them.

– Carla basically cried about all the same stuff about Drita that she’s been bitching about all season long.

– Drita confronted Karen about the text messages Karen sent her after the fake and phony episode. Karen texted Drita trying to fight OFF CAMERA and when Drita tried meeting her TWICE Karen chickened out and never responded.

– They brought Brittany and Marissa out towards the end.

– Marissa was at the table talking with the girls before they brought Brittany out.

– When Brittany did finally come out she addressed Renee first about preaching so much about not talking about family, yet she’s been talking about Brittany’s family all season long.

– Brittany was not allowed to address Karen and basically didn’t get to say anything to her.

– The girls all tried talking about Brittany’s mom and when Brittany tried responding Adam came out and yelled at them for going off topic.

– Drita put Carla’s obsession on blast! Carla didn’t know that while she was calling Linda Scarpa on the phone, Brittany was on three-way and Brittany heard Carla complaining the whole time about “Why is Brittany friends with Drita? Why do people like Drita?” And this caught Carla off guard cause she had no idea the girls knew how much she was secretly calling Linda.

– Marissa brought up Brittany and Drita’s friendship and when Brittany told her that she didn’t know anything about their “relationship” Karen and Carla instantly went into junior high mode and screamed, “Oh they have a relationship.”

– Drita got annoyed and walked off at one point.

– Brittany confronted Carla about how she claims she’s so “classy” yet most people don’t know that Carla assaulted Linda Scarpa in front of their kids’ school.

– Marissa kept telling Drita that Drita never gave her a chance.

– Producers kept trying to keep the fighting between the new girls and made them keep addressing each other.

– Brittany told Marissa that Marissa only started drama because she was the only Mob Wives cast member without a contract and she was trying to secure a spot on the show.

– Although we did not see Love at the art scene this season, they did show the girls the clips with her in them at the reunion.

– Marissa complained that Brittany tweets about her all the time (which if you look at Twitter you would see it’s the other way around)

– Marissa blamed her actions on producers and told Brittany that production made her say everything and even said, “I get paid to talk about you.”

– Before they excused the newbies they asked them both if they enjoyed being on the show and would they do it again, they both said, “yes.”

– The newbies then left and the OG’s filmed the reunion for another hour.

– The OG’s talked a little bit more about their drama and Drita kept saying over and over how glad she is the show is over.


Didn’t Karen JUST give an interview saying how Drita needs to “grow up” and stop with all the fighting, and while some of you were fooled giving her all this credit for “changing,” the truth is IT’S A LIE! Karen tried fighting Drita off camera cause she was embarrassed to get another ass whopping, ON camera. She hasn’t changed one bit. Drita shouldn’t be fighting, but at least she doesn’t claim to be something she isn’t unlike the rest of these girls. I find it comical that Carla was throwing stones at Drita for fighting another mother yet we find out Carla assaulted another mother at her kids’ school! These women constantly contradict themselves yet speak so self righteously about everything everyone else is doing!

Marissa was only brought on because they didn’t want Natalie Guercio on the show anymore. That’s why she was hired much later than Brittany was. Brittany was already filming in June and Natalie was still scheduled to be on season 6 in June.

And why do Carla and Karen even care who is friends with Drita? Shouldn’t they just be happy they aren’t friends with her anymore? I’ve never seen so many bitter old bitches in my liiiiiife. The things that set them off are so stupid. If someone else’s friendship is making you angry and arguing with other people then you need help. Carla needs to worry more about her failing businesses and children instead of worrying about breast feeding other people’s children.

As far as Marissa blaming editing, (as much as she annoys me) I will say she is telling the truth. Producers (Bitch Adam) were assholes to the new girls and made them say certain things. Like the scene in the store with Brittany and Karen, if you watch it back she’s saying, “umm, like, well,” and talking really slowly and downplaying everything because she did not want to say it. Adam kept yelling at her “This is Mob Wives, this is the show, tell Karen how Drita talked about her being obsessed with Lee.”

Lastly, we heard from the beginning that this reunion was janky and by far the worst of all the reunions, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out.

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7 thoughts on “Mob Wives Reunion EXCLUSIVE: The Junior High Girls Vs Drita Davanzo And Brittany Fogarty!”

  1. Sad ending to a sad show! Went out with a whisper instead of a bang! RIP ANGELA “BIG ANG” RAIOLA-MURPHY!

  2. This was one of my favorite shows on TV since day 1. Those were my girls. My kids used to joke about which one was me and how well I would have fit in with these guys. I am from the Mid West and have never been part of ‘THE MOB’, but myself and these women still had so much in common. “Snitches get stitches” However, this season has really let me down. The producers gave us the viewers very little credit. Those of us that have loved this show from the beginning didn’t want to see 2 newbies. We wanted the original women back and just let things play out. Good, Bad or Ugly. With Ang fighting cancer and all of them starting lives with their businesses, it still would have made for good TV. Because at the end of the day for me I didn’t watch for the cat fights (well not really) I enjoyed watching these independent women have a real life, one that included family, friends and having fun.
    Rest in peace Ang. and thank you for all of your wisdom and laughs.

  3. I felt that since day 1 Jenn & the others were dead set on having everyone gang up on Drita and they sure spoon fed it to us, so much that the gals on reality tea are scooping it up like ice cream! They want to take her down because she has a successful business (cough-Carla-cough) (hack-hack-Karen-hack), has stayed married, and keeps it together while the others are bitter and scrambling for crumbs.

    I really feel Ang’s passing. She was the best of them.

  4. Karen and Carla, are the BIGGEST pieces of S$!T by far. I really wish Jenn had never brought her back, should have left her in the AZ! Kind of always felt Karen was only brought back so that Renee would have someone to Film with and another Drita hater…same with Carla. Those losers hated the hell out of each other and then all of a sudden…BOOM! They’re all BFF’s! Ugh! Karen’s face makes me sick! Not looks…strictly based on she is!
    But, I digress

    I will forever miss BigAng❤
    RIP Angela

  5. Karen let me down. I was expecting her to fight drita. I felt that drita was wrong and that’s why she didn’t want to talk. Karen could’ve fought and then talked. if they don’t fight then neither one won.
    nat g won. nat g was so bad they had to get another girl and they still couldn’t stop her.

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