It’s finally here! The Reunion EXCLUSIVE we promised you! We spoke to our Mob Wives sources and they gave us all the juicy details on what went down at the reunion!

Let’s get to it! (please note that this is not the order of how it all happened)

1. Vivica Fox hosted the reunion.

2. Nat G., Drita, and Ang both sat on one couch while Renee and Karen were on the other.

3. Both Nat G. and Nat D. wore gold dresses. Drita was in a long black and white dress with red heels. And Ang was in a sexy black high waisted skirt with a long sleeve blouse. Karen wore a silver/gray looking dress (hard to tell from the photos we were given) and Renee wore a blue dress with a matching sock/cast looking thing that was the same color as her dress. She had fell down some steps apparently so she was injured.

4. Storm and London were both there.

5. They talked more about Natalie’s recordings than they did the show but weren’t allowed to play them since she was illegally recorded.

6. Vivica was very rude to Nat G. She would ask her a question, give her three seconds to answer, and then cut her off and ask Renee and Karen what they think.

7. Vivica also favored Renee the whole reunion and the two are friendly outside the show (which is weird since they both hooked up with 50 cent)

8. Natalie told Karen and Storm to “Shut the f**k up!”

9. Nat G. told Karen how insane it was that she was calling her a “racist” considering Karen had to wait for her dad (Sammy the Bull) to get locked up so she can screw black guys since he was the biggest racist.

10. Ang was pretty quiet during the reunion.

11. All the ladies called Nat G. a rat for calling the cops.

12. Nat. G didn’t get the chance to explain her situation about being abused because Vivica kept cutting her off.

13. Jenn Graziano was on the sidelines and Karen kept looking at her for the signal on when to call Natalie a racist and call her out on other things.

14. Drita told Nat G. that she believes she was abused but doesn’t think she was getting beat up the night she called her boyfriend’s PO.

15. Nat G. went off and started EXPOSING Jenn Graziano (we will have another exclusives on the details but for now we can tell you this) about a secret, ILLEGAL meeting Jenn had behind VH1’s back. And Karen was involved in this meeting because this was part of Karen begging to get her job back. Karen apparently admitted to it to Gangland News.

16. The girls were first, then the guys came out after. Nat D. came out when the guys left the stage and then Carla Facciolo was out last.

17. Nat D. flipped out because London was out there and she wasn’t and she kept saying that she needed to be out there and it was her time (something dramatic and attention seeking like that) so they had her go back to her hotel.

18. Karen and Storm were laughing at Nat G. And London about calling the cops when London was attacked recently. They called them 1-800 crime stoppers.

19. Nat G. left the stage when Nat D. came out calling her a racist and to call Ronnie’s (Nat D’s ex) mom who was HAPPY to be filmed during the reunion so she could blast who Nat D. really is and she even said Nat D. got her son locked up in THREE different counties! They recorded this all but of course might edit it to make it look like Nat G. was scared of Nat D and ran off, but if they actually play what was filmed then you will see that, that is not true and Nat. G was on the phone the whole time.

20. When Nat G. left the stage Drita came backstage to talk to Natalie. Natalie had been backstage on the phone the whole time and Nat was frustrated that she wasn’t able to get a word in when the girls kept calling her a racist and when she was trying to explain her domestic violence situation. Drita understood what she was going through and encouraged her to go back out because she had been in the same situation with the women before. (This too was all recorded)

21. Nat D. tried yelling at Big Ang and Drita snapped at Nat D. and told her she was pretty much going to destroy her if she did it again. Nat D. said and did NOTHING.

22. Renee finally admitted that she was at one point close to Nat G. like Nat had been saying and she even apologized to Nat G. When everyone was calling Nat. G a rat Renee tried sticking up for her by saying maybe she wasn’t in her right mind or something to that effect. She also told Nat G. to just own it.

23. Ang stuck up for Nat G. when Karen was calling Nat a racist. Ang pointed out that Nat is friends with people from all different races and she’s been around them and Natalie all hanging out together.

24. Nat D. lied about calling the cops on her boyfriend even though there are documents that prove otherwise.

25. NONE. I repeat NONE of the girls called out Nat D. for also being a “cop caller,” or “rat,” for calling the police on her boyfriend.

26. Vivica didn’t really have control over the show or the girls. She didn’t care if they were screaming over each other and she never had her own opinion about things like most hosts do. She was more worried about how she looked and made everyone on set wait as she took 3-4 takes on every little thing.

27. The whole reunion was so much about Nat G. that Vivica even asked the girls what do they think about the way Natalie dresses!

28. Karen said Nat G. was a pretty girl and Renee said Natalie dressed like a stripper but she would dress the same way if she had her body.

29. Nat D. charged at Nat G. twice and security took her down. The third time she looked like she was coming fast towards Nat G. but when she noticed security wasn’t going to stop her she scuffled her feet and slowed down. Nat G. popped up to fight her and that’s when security came and Drita also got up and blocked Nat D’s arm from hitting Nat G. Nat D. started yelling something about Drita trying to jump her.

30. Nat G. was annoyed that she wasn’t able to talk so she got up and told Vivica thank you for your time and left. As Nat G. was leaving she told Jenn and the producers to “suck her dick.”

31. When Nat G. was leaving, Nat D. took the opportunity to make it about herself and tell Nat G. “you better run.” Nat G. told her to come to her house and Nat D. pretended like she didn’t know where Nat G. lived.

32. Karen brought up her kid being biracial after she called Nat G. a racist. The ladies brought up their kids as a way to get make Nat G. look bad and Nat G. screamed out what about my kid?

33. Karen didn’t try fighting Nat G. at the reunion.

34. They asked Renee about her son AJ and she gave an update on how he was doing.

35. Drita straightened out how long she’s really been friends with Karen and it hasn’t been for over 20 years like Karen claims.

36. After Nat G. left Nat D. didn’t say anything else and that’s when Carla came out.

37. When Carla came out it was very boring and Drita told her side of things.

38. NONE of the women got into a physical fight with each other.

You can bet your bottom dollar since Nat G. left early that Jenn is going to take advantage of that in the editing room! She’s going to edit Natalie sitting there while the girls are still trash talking her and make it look like she was just sitting there saying nothing.

I think it’s funny that Karen brings up “her kid, her kid” when she’s with a man who is a DRUG DEALER and who also cheated on her the whole time. Storm’s real girlfriend actually came to the finale and Karen freaked out and production made her leave. I say all this because if Karen REALLY was so worried about her young daughter, then she wouldn’t be bringing these losers around her!

Also if Nat D. is coming on this show to seek justice about what Natalie G. did to her “good friend” then why didn’t Nat D. show up to his going away party? Why wasn’t he at her holiday party that was filled with her “closest friends?” Why was she more worried about Drita being there than Nat G’s ex who is her bestie? Why did she only bring a recording that couldn’t be aired than the man himself if they are GREAT FRIENDS? Could it be that they aren’t friends? These are all questions I think people need to be asking.

Lastly, I think it’s a shame that a cast full of women and producers used this platform to make a WHOLE SEASON out of a woman being a rat for calling the cops on a man who abused her.

We hope you enjoyed our EXCLUSIVE. Please tweet us any questions you may have or comment below 🙂

21 thoughts on “MOB WIVES REUNION EXCLUSIVE: Find Out What Went Down HERE!”

  1. Cool to get a preview synopsis of the reunion… Don’t know how u did it, but way cool for doing so!
    Refreshing to hear a writer take a logical attitude re this whole mess of a situation. So many I’ve read have seemed all sucked up into the presented and seemingly promoted vibe of the shows’ production – favoring the Renee, Karen, NatD viewpoint… Drank the koolaid. Sick of hearing it.
    Disappointing to hear Vivica Fox was sucking up rather than being a dispassionate decent host for a reunion – letting air all sides with equanimity.
    Having listened to the audiotape of NatG myself, and having a sound studio, engineer and producer in my home, it was obvious to me the tape was doctored, cut & pasted, sliced and diced. And is probably the reason it took so long for GnatD to present it. A simple assessment by a professional
    would prove or disprove this. And for how long ago this had to have been… This so called bestie of NatD recorded this convo out of the blue, for no apparent logical reason… And hung onto it for the last however many years?
    … Questions a decent host for the show would/should have asked.
    It seems obvious NatD has a bizarre and crazily unhealthy obsession with NatG. .. And I would guess this wasn’t pointed out either.
    … As well the point of NatD misrepresenting her ‘mob relations”… And as U aptly pointed out – her well documented and evidenced own actual ‘cop calling’ on her ex. That video is crazy!
    But none of that brought up… How disappointing…
    It does seem that the seemingly certifiable NatD was brought on the show to back up Renee’s at-the-time vendetta against NatG… Now that Renee has been born again… Why is production still favoring this lunatic (NatD)? Could it be.. That due to this secretive meeting that Karen was a part of or privy to, and with Karen still having her own obsession with NatG, this is determining the train track the production chooses to take and show?
    It’s all just so bizarre…
    I hope NatG doesn’t lose her movie deal over all this nonsense… That she does stay on the show, Drita realizes she was played yet Again by NatD and apologizes deeply to Nat G and becomes the friend she should have been to her, NatD just goes aaa way… A and that production pulls their heads out of their asshes!

  2. Too bad Vivica wasn’t a better host. I would’ve love to hear Clownalie /Fraudalie explain her “relations” to Frankie Flowers. I wish the D’Alfonso Family was there.

  3. WOW! 1st Vivican is awesome & I am glad she was the host! My favorite on the show is Karen the Renee. I like all others but NOT NatG. I am so glad Vivica put her in her place. She is also lucky Renee or Karen didnt try to beat her ass! I like Drita but she was not the same this season. Love BigAng! The one we all love, hands down is Jen the producer! I really hope Jen gets NatG off the show!!! If all this did happen I am sure Jen will, if another season is picked up. We must give Jen props, I am sure it is a hard job but we are all glad she does the show. I am excited to watch NatG put in her place. Also, I am glad NatD was able to prove with the tapes that NatG is a cop caller. IF she was beat up that night, YES call the cops but dont try and fight with Karen and call her a Rat and lie about calling cops. She admitted later she called but it was too late, NatD was already armed. Also, all the paperwork she got on NatD LOLOL. Well, Love the show as you can tell, lol. I hope Jen Keeps Renee(she will), Karen, BigAng, Drita & maybe bring back some old faces. I wonder if they talked about NatD being related to Frankie Flowers or not… Thanks for giving us this sneak peek and I am not sure how u did it but glad you did! 🙂

  4. First of all this NatD lied about her mob relations to get on the show. From the moment she got on she’s been gunning for NatG. It’s like some kind of sick obsession. Idk maybe her ex-bf Ronnie hit on NatG. The video of NatD in hotel room proves she’s a dillusional insecure late 30ish little girl! She is so thirsty for attention & fame that she clearly will do or hurt anyone to try & get it. Don’t get me wrong I am NOT a NatG fan at all but I don’t need 2 be 2 see that this NatD girl is just not a good person & I really hope she’s not on MW season 6!!! Idk what the hell is up with Drita she listens to all that lil girl he said/she said BS! Man the fuck up Drita!!! Quit saying how ur gonna beat up everyone & never do! If you can really beat some ass u don’t talk about it, just freaking do it damn! And Karen quit acting like ur a badass gangsta just cause your daddy was!!! How u so gangster but couldn’t even beat NatG’s ass!?!? Ur ass can’t fight quit frontin! Ur dad was a badass back in his day-don’t mean you are! So disappointing cause I really did think you could throw down but you clearly can’t. The security was no excuse cause if you was “real” you wouldn’t of went straight 4 her hair unless u were planning on kneeing her face but u didn’t so sit you big ass down!!!

  5. Thanks for the exclusive tea! Lol! This is proof Vivica is messy and just a insecure, jealous bird that apparently needs money because how many “international” stars do you see hosting reality TV gigs? Lol. They should have gotten Wendy Williams or someone of that caliber.

  6. Thanks for the preview, and because of this, I am bowing out of watching the rest of the show/season/reunion. I’ve had it with Jenn, this whole Natalie thing, and most of all, Drita . She has lost me as a fan forever. The fact that all of these girls would be on Nat G for calling the cops when she was being abused is unforgivable. The fact that they keep an obvious liar on (Nat D) has ruined their credibility with me. And Vivica, shame on you. This was the only reality show I watched, glad I’m not tuning in anymore.

  7. I couldn’t even get half way through this because it seemed so bias and all over the place.

    This is not proof of anything – wait till the reunion comes on to make your own judgement. And I guarantee you half of this won’t be true.

    The only thing I like about the Mob Wives reunion are the host choices… It’s always interesting

  8. Nat D has ruined many men’s lives. She has filed false charges on at least 4 men that we’re aware of. Ronnie her ex receiving the worst end of that stick. She promised to drop the charges about 30 times, that she loves him…then boom! Waited until they got into a fight, and would call him and say: now im gonna ruin your life, you’re going back to jail mother fucker!!! His PO was called by her on a weekly/biweekly basis whenever he didnt do what she wanted him to. The fact that this pathetic assembly of footage Vh1 calls a show, that they glorify the nane rat by people who call 911 in the real event of emergency. ..Nat G being assaulted by her ex…is an absolute disgrace. You have a female (questionable) who abuses the law, lies to have men arrested, makes up false allegations to ruin families costing them thousands of dollars in legal fees, let alone the sleepless nights of terror at the thoughts of a loved one incarcerated, aka NatD….and wanna point the finger at Nat G because she is stunningly beautiful and those woman cant handle it????? Eff you Vh1 for allowing this. And to Mob Wives creators: rot in hell.


  10. Why did they put that clown Nat D on the show. Nat D, you are a disgrace to women for how you act. Did your mother not teach you anything? Oh wait by the looks of it shes not any better. You are no ganster!! You are jealous of Nat G and have every right to be bc you are hideous and she is gorgeous.
    I will not continue to watch the show if they keep her on and Ive been a fan since day one. Jen and the producers dropped the ball when they put her on. I hope they keep Natalie G and that Drita realizes she was wrong for taking that ridiculous clowns side. I heard the audio and the reason why it sounds creepy as Drita said is bc it was doctored beyond belief. Nat D.. You are clearly the RAT and now everyone can see that.. They dont need to mention it on the re-union bc anyone with half a brain can see it. Get rid of her!! PLEASE.

  11. This show has lost all credibility. There is not a single woman on this show who is married to someone in the mob. It’s blatantly obvious that the only reason Nat D was brought on the show was to come after Nat G, because at the time Nat G was beefing with Renee and production (Renee’s sister) wanted to give Renee some back up. Every scene she was in seemed painfully forced. Since it has now come out that Nat D lied about her family connections to the mob, it’s a no brainer to get rid of her. It’s also obvious that the entire season has heavily over-edited. Jenn Graziano should concentrate on producing an entertaining show, not on protecting certain cast members and hurting others. If Jenn wants to get involved in the drama, she should sign her fat ass up to be on the cast, not producing the show. Bad, bad season. If Graziano doesn’t do things differently next season I promise it will be the last. I say next season Graziano should clean house. Keep only Renee and Big Ang. The show is very well known and she would have no problem recasting it. I’m from SI and know some of the women involved in this show, and know plenty of others who would be more entertaining and have more authentic connections to OC than this bunch.

  12. I love big Ang and Drita. I also really like Nat G. Please get rid of the rat Nat D. or I will no longer be watching the show either. you talk to much tho, Drita. if you say you are gonna do something, don’t say it, DO IT. You should have knocked Nat D. out a long time ago. I no longer have faith in you, but I still got love for you girl. YOU GO BIG ANG <3

  13. She looks and acts like a bulldog. No class. I highly doubt she was abused. She doesnt have pics like nat g does. And she mysteriously came up w a doctored tape years later? Makes no sense.

  14. Nat D is a classless, disgusting slob! She sounds like a moron every time she opens her mouth. Where did she come from? and please send her back. I can’t believe that all of the MW (actual) cast members listen to her. All she ever talked about is Nat G. Get a life!!! Find another subject. I love, love, love Drita & Ang, and was a little disappointed that they gave Nat D the time of day. I felt bad for Nat G. She was on the defense the entire season. Who the fuck cares that she had her ex arrested? That’s her business. I think she’s funny. It boggles my mind how these grown women & mothers conduct themselves. Rene (Queen B) rules the show because of her sister and will be a fixture on that show until the last season, and Karen is another classless tramp, but she has potential. She has so much to be grateful for, especially her beautiful daughter, but is always running her mouth and brawling like a thug! All that being said, if they acted like civil, human beings there would be no show. They can definitely do with out that dog faced Nat D and Carla’s tits next season and just keep the crew they have.

  15. I’m a little curious about how you know what happened…..Were you there?
    Pretty good play by play btw & I’m sad the season is over.

    1. wasn’t there, just judging by what i see on tv. or what the producers want us to see. This is not my life, i just think it’s hysterical the way they conduct themselves. Extreme entertainment

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