Mob Wives Recap: Everyone Hates Renee Graziano Except Karen Gravano!

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They’re baaaack! Season 5 of Mob Wives premiered and the ladies did not disappoint. We started tonight’s episode off with Drita at Lee’s store that he’s not at. Lee is like OZ and I doubt we will ever see him on this show. Ang stops by the store and she talks with Drita about how they are both over Renee and how they prefer hanging out with Natalie.

Drita reveals to Ang that Renee has been talking so much crap about her and Ang says she heard that Renee has been talking about her family which is NOT OK! Renee is packing and ready to leave. She says she’s not happy that Ang and Drita are hanging out with Natalie and she calls it betrayal.

Over at Natalie’s she’s getting ready to go to an Albanian party Drita invited her and Ang too. Over at the party all the ladies are having a good time, but I must admit, Ang is my favorite on the dance floor and I need more of that. The ladies go upstairs and have a drink and Natalie reveals to Drita that Renee was talking crap about her husband Lee.

Drita flips out and it’s scary. Like VERY scary. Note to self, DON’T PISS DRITA OFF. LIKE EVER. Natalie says that Renee used to talk crap about Drita and her husband in front of Alicia all the time and she never said anything since she was new to the group.

Renee is visiting Karen and they both jump up and down and act like they haven’t seen each other in years, when this whole time they’ve been hanging out and planning their fights with Natalie. Renee fills Karen in on how all the girls hate her for being crazy and Renee says Ang needs to take sides.

What is Renee, five years old? What 50 year old woman wants her friends to take sides? Go play bingo and move on. Karen and Renee are trying to act so loyal to each other and pretending to have each other’s backs but I think they forget how ugly things got when Karen was FIRED from the show.

Karen says Alicia is smart not to be in the same room as her, but too bad the truth is Karen is hoping Alicia comes back because she has NO storyline otherwise. Another thing, Karen started with Natalie first on Twitter, but I guess Karen must have gotten amnesia. Renee and Karen are perfect for each other because they pretty much prove in this scene that they are only “tough” when cliqued up. Grow up, ladies.

Natalie is showing London (her boyfriend) how to run the funeral home. They are such a cute couple and it’s nice to see them working together. Natalie tells London that she told the girls about Renee talking crap about them and London wants Natalie to stay out of the drama. Guys are usually the voice of reason when it comes to us girls being catty bitches. Good for London.

Queen Ang back on the scene. Ang is talking to her son AJ and Ang is proud of him for staying sober. AJ is a father now so he’s been working hard on improving himself. Good for him. Over at Drita’s store, Lady Boss, she is swamped. Lee is useless and she is stuck doing everything.

Renee is causally walking around her neighborhood and is talking to Karen on the phone. Renee is going on and on about how she doesn’t care about the girls and she mentions a summer party that all the girls are going to. Renee says she’s going by herself, but we all know this scene is fake and the plan is for Karen to come and try and surprise the rest of the girls.

It’s time for the summer party and all the girls look great. Renee shows up by herself and she’s sitting and waiting till Karen comes as her backup. Natalie walks up to Renee by herself and Renee walks off. Renee is all talk in her one-on-one interviews, until it’s time to stand on her own two feet and say it to someone’s face.

Ang and Drita want to settle this drama with Renee and Renee shows back up to the party. In walks Karen and Renee is happy. Ang, Drita, and Natalie are talking and Karen walks up. All the ladies look annoyed, but Karen thinks they’re terrified of her LOL

Karen walks up and doesn’t say or do anything to Natalie like she’s been threatening. Natalie goes to the bathroom and then leaves.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

4 thoughts on “Mob Wives Recap: Everyone Hates Renee Graziano Except Karen Gravano!”

  1. I watched the 1st season of Mob Wives and some of the 2nd season episodes. IDK why I made a point of watching last night because now I’m lost! So, my POV isn’t going to be accurate. I thought Natalie came across as the trouble maker and Big Ang as the street smart peace maker. I did like when Ang told Natalie she was being a “Rat”, too, when she told Drita what Renee said about her, a while ago. I was impressed, even more so with Ang, when she asked Natalie if she realizes what she just started. Renee must have messed up big time to lose a level headed friend like Big Ang. Natalie going to the bathroom and then high tailing it out of the Summer party made her look like a wimp. I need to find a good, unbiased, website that has every season and episode recapped so I can catch up on what I missed during the previous three seasons.

    I’m a RHONJ viewer who thinks the Gorga’s and the Wakile’s are low down, scuzzy, backstabbers for the way they treated their own family member, Teresa Giudice. So, while watching Mob Wives and seeing how that crew stands up for their family made me impressed with their loyalty. I would like to see Melissa, Kathy, or even the Manzo/Laurita women tell the Mob Wives why it was okay for them to gang up on their own family, with camera’s rolling, for a reality show! Big Ang, Drita, Karen or Renee would make mince meat pie out of the back stabbing girls from Bravo!

    1. You’re going to find a lot of hypocrisy with the Mob Wives. Renee’s the biggest two-faced hypocrite on the show. She’s talked crap about everyone (on camera) then talks about loyalty. Seems the rules she tries to enforce on others do not apply to herself. Natalie is a trouble maker but I think Renee started unnecessary drama with her which backfired. Natalie didn’t realize calling these women “whores”, even though she meant it as a term of endearment (the ladies didn’t know her well enough to understand that at the time) rubbed them the wrong way. I do like that she didn’t take crap from Renee last season. When Renee realized the girls (Drita, Ang & Alicia) weren’t siding with her, she back tracked and tried blaming her behaviour on her drinking binge.

      With Ang calling Natalie a rat, I see both sides. Ang is upset with Renee because someone ratted Renee out to her. THAT person was being a friend and letting Ang know that someone she thought was a friend of 20 years was two-facing her.

      I’m glad Karen’s back, she brings a different dynamic but at the same time to blindly support Renee, someone who talked crap about her, you would think she’d get all her info first before siding with a known two-faced hypocrite. I don’t even hate Renee, she’s necessary for the show, but man, if she’s like that in real life I can see why she’s staying single.

  2. Why does Karen get so upset when someone calls her father a rat when thats exactly what he is! Karen and he’s a Murderer To!

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