Mob Wives EXCLUSIVE: Season 5 Will Be The FAKEST Season Yet!


Everyone has been anticipating the return of VH1’s hit show Mob Wives, but will they be disappointed this season?

We know that in past seasons A LOT of the drama has been set-up by shady producer, Jenn Graziano, and our sources EXCLUSIVELY tell Reality Ashhole that this season will be the FAKEST!

Our source revealed,

“There is REAL drama between three of the girls and VH1 is NOT filming it. Renee doesn’t speak with Natalie Guercio and they’ve only been in once scene together and they didn’t even speak. Natalie and Karen (Gravano) actually had an all out brawl in another scene and again, it wasn’t filmed.”

Our source went on to say,

“This show sucks and it’s all Jenn Graziano’s fault. She is Karen and Renee’s manager and she protects her meal tickets. Renee is always a baby about filming with people who are mad at her or who are going to make her look stupid like Natalie did last season in Vegas. This whole season looks totally fake, the scenes aren’t real, and nobody really even likes each other but pretend they do so they don’t have to fight on camera. Everyone is pretty much loving being able to collect an easy paycheck by only talking crap in their one-on-one interviews.”

It sounds like there’s not much life left in this show. Such a shame. It used to be one of my faves. Thoughts? Will you be tuning into season 5 of Mob Wives?

3 thoughts on “Mob Wives EXCLUSIVE: Season 5 Will Be The FAKEST Season Yet!”

  1. Renee is one of the reason I have a hard time watching this show. Wish she wasnt on it. it would be so much more interesting. Renees a whiner and is so jealous of the other girls and it shows. Shes not a genuine person. I cant stand people like that!

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